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  1. Here's the synoinfo.conf from RS18016xs+ It does seem that most if not all of the files are the same. Except for this config. I borked my install playing with it.. I'll try again when I have more time.. It does seem like this might allow unlocking of the snapshot interface support_dr_snap="yes" synoinfo.conf>> unique="synology_bromolow_rs18016xs+" company_title="Synology" # system options timezone="Pacific" language="def" maillang="enu" codepage="enu" defquota="5" defshare="public" defgroup="users" defright="writeable" configured="no" admin_port="5000" s
  2. Sounds like this is looking somewhat promising. I may have some time this weekend to play with my DS1812+, XPEnology VM, and do some comparisons on the .PAT files to get a better idea of what the differences might be. Do you guys know if Raid 6 is an option with BTRFS in the GUI, or is only Raid 5 available? Also, do they offer the ability to convert from EXT4 to BTRFS or grow a BTRFS formatted array?
  3. Any word on the status of Btrfs? I know synology now supports it on RC18015xs+, RS18016xs+, so it should be possibly to get working with XPEnology with a few tweaks I'm hoping!