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  1. If you've seen other people with this system up and running then I assume it will work, go back to that article and see how they did it.
  2. After digging a little more I've found that you cannot simply change the Model details on the Bootloader - each model has a specific .pat file at installation. So looks like I have to reinstall my system and migrate all the old data over... fingers crossed...
  3. I assume this method of updating the USB still applies? So the main part of my question is the change of model details...?
  4. Hi, I'm running DSM 6.1 and want to update to 6.2. I understand I need to update my bootloader, and my general question is what is the best method to do this? One specific question is: I understand JUN'S LOADER v1.03a2 supports DS918p. My current configuration is DS3615xs. If I make all the necessary changes in the bootloader to reflect this change will is adversely affect my system? If there is anything people think I should need to know or any alternative methods people can recommend I'd really appreciate to hear them... Cheers, Bhakta
  5. Yes, intel's product sheet for these chips says their revision has fixed the issue... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. No, I paid one way. They paid the other.... It came back today.... They sent a brand new board, with the upgraded BMC and BIOS... I'm happy to say the least.
  7. I haven't got that far. If I pay one way, so be it. We'll see over the next few days. I'd be researching the board if I was to - to see if you're susceptible to this issue. The boards become bricked after ~18months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Looks like they'll honour the warranty. I must admit I'm happy with Asrocks customer service, and besides this issue their hardware seems to be pretty good too.
  9. Is that mobo new? I had mine for two years and it just died because of the faulty Intel chip fiasco. I am currently putting in for a claim with Asrock, looks like they'll replace it. For your question. I run mine on Bare Metal and it works fine for me...
  10. I'm giving it a shot. That really sucks as they aren't cheap boards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Of course it must be Xpen friendly. My C27504DI died, it appears. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Seems to be good. Glad it was a relatively simple solution. Thanks so much for your help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Amazing - I was initially trying to install with 6.1 loader but with a newer version of DSM to go with it. It would crash. Then for weeks trying to get it working with the old loader no luck... Everything appears to be running now. SBV3000 you is the man! I neglected to use the extra izma file. Should it be ok for this system? Now just to see if everything is working ok...
  14. I'm a bit preoccupied to play around the last day or two. I have a one year old. I been in contact a Asrock support guy. He has helped before. He has asked for some more info which I provided this morning. I'll see what he comes back with and report back. Thanks for the persistence. So can I ask. Did you then install 6.0.2 - and then upgrade, or 6.1 directly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 5.2 worked fine. But it's getting old now and I don't want to use it as a security concern. I have to get up for work now. I'll check out the articles. And see what I can find. You said that 6.0 didn't work. So can I install 6.1 directly? Actually I tried that and was able to see the Xpen but when I tried an install it failed. After a few times like that now I haven't been able to see it at all. Mind you I've been trying predominantly with 6.0. So just setup a 6.1 with 1.2b Jun? Is that enough? Anyway, when I get time to sit at a computer... Thanks for keeping up. I was almost ready to thr