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  1. hi! Installed dsm on esxi 6.7 and almost never goes over 30% cpu usage. Right now is thumbnailing and indexing lots of pictures, but on dsm and esxi cpu usage never peaks 100%. I tried compressing a big folder with lots of files at maximum compression and then it reaches 100%. Right now is indexing and cpu is at 2-3%. IIRC when I tried on baremetal it worked the same way Specs HP micro server G8 Xeon E3-1270v2 16GB RAM HP Smart Array P410 in IT mode VM: DSM 6.2-23739 2 vcpu x1 socket each. No limit established 12GB RAM 3x2TB WD red drives connected directly to dsm (passthrough)
  2. Nice, really really nice! But, does it really impact on normal use? What is your experience?
  3. Interesting.... maybe I could try to "upgrade" the package....
  4. it's not a slow machine, and I already read that url. Anyway thanks for the help
  5. Hi I've been searching the config file for thumbnail creation but I can't find it. I'm running xpenology under esxi with 8 Cores (xeon L5630) and 16GB ram. My goal would be to speed up the creation of thumbnails allowing more thumbs at the same time, or more cores, or more priority.... So, can you help me?
  6. Working great under ESXi 6.7u3 Thanks a lot!
  7. On tutorial it says "now add another sata device" please edit it and write "now add another sata controller" I was going mad trying to setup new drives as sata1:0 without adding a second controller. Later I noticed the second controller in a couple pics below.... Another sata device can lead to misunderstandings. I'm rereading my sentences and it seems that I'm complaining, but that's not true, English is not my mother tongue. I'm just trying to help. Also when uploading the files I created a folder (xpe3615) and then I created the new vm with the same name, xpe3615. I think that this created a conflict or similar in ESXi (because the name of the upload folder and vm folder is the same). I just began again with different names and it worked. Maybe it's only me, its 2:30AM and I'm very tired..... Thanks a lot for the tutorial.
  8. Not sure, but I think it's not possible, there is a database that stores sorting and other things...
  9. Please read this: It can be very helpful to you.....
  10. What went wrong with your installation? Try first with another disk (not one of the four from 918+) and when you can install 6.2.1 and log in, shut down and put the 4 disks from 918+. System detects that hdd come from another Synology box and makes a migration. This is the easy part.
  11. So if I have a J3355 and it is at 800mhz on idle and 2000mhz normal and 2500mhz on turbo, my parameters would be: lowload: 040 midload: 065 highload: 085 scalingminfreq: 800000 scalingmaxfreq: 2000000 Is this right? I don't know if it is safe to test speeds (for example putting 400mhx on scalingminfreq)
  12. Well why not? Aplying the right config changes..... But you can buy a HBA like dell H200 and plug in 8 drives. I'm no expert, but there are plenty of HBA, even for more drives, and with port multipliers the amount of hard drives you can connect grows. For example, Petabytes on a budget: How to build cheap cloud storage, they use only 4 sata cards and 9 multipliers to connect 45 drives
  13. ok, thanks a lot. Don't know why but I only found info about satamaxports and something in hexadecimal
  14. Running system (baremetal) with 1.02b loader and DSM 6.2-23739 System: Supermicro X8sil-f with 6 Sata ports xeon x3440 8 GB RAM rdimm Dell h200 HBA in IT mode 8 sata ports I tried sataportmap=68 and a lot of combinations more, but it doesn't work. Right now I have 8 disks connected, 4 to mono and 4 to H200. I wanna connect 6 more. Can someone explain me or send me a link on how to achieve this???
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