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  1. Установка XPEnology на PC

    Не забанят, но лучше создать новую тему для обсуждения.
  2. Выбор железа

    Если система их увидит, то можно создать BOND.
  3. Try the latest loader for DSM 6.1.3. Drivers are working correctly in this loader. Disable C1E state in the BIOS.
  4. 172.16.x.x would be correct private range in this class. Most SOHO routers have default range set for 192.168.0.x, 192.168.1.x, and 192.168.100.x Using for VPN server something other than default range, like 192.168.15.x is usually a safe bet.
  5. Syno VPN works on both real and XPEnology boxes. Way to find your server from outside (DDNS) and port forwarding is required. Installation and configuration is simple.
  6. From FreeNAS to Xpenology

    Yes, if you have both running you can copy from one server to another. But in my understanding OP wanted reuse the same hardware to build XPenology instead of FreeNAS on it. In this case temporary backup storage required.
  7. DSM in routing mode

    DSM is not really designed for acting as a firewall/router. Its primary function is a file storage server with some addons related to file manipulations. There is different Synology product that is made to be router from the start. Like this https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/RT2600ac It uses different OS. There were attempts to add those features to the standard DSM discussed here, As a workaround you can try lightweight software router running in the virtual machine. Depending on your goals, there is also selection of more general custom Linux distributions that act as a universal office servers with gateway/firewall capability. SMEserver is one of the examples.
  8. Is there a easy way to clone a HDD?

    You should be presented with option to rebuild the RAID.
  9. Is there a easy way to clone a HDD?

    You can not convert RAID1 to basic, but leaving an incomplete mirror is not any worst then a single drive. Later you can add a second drive of the same or larger size to recreate the parity.
  10. Is there a easy way to clone a HDD?

    Yes. Options in Volume Manager inside standard Storage Manager in DSM will be available. Now its Greyed out since no operation possible.
  11. Is there a easy way to clone a HDD?

    You can connect second drive and create a RAID1 (Mirror). After sync is finished, remove the first smaller drive and expand the volume. Alternatively, full backup, including configuration. Rebuild with larger drive and restore.
  12. MPIO iSCSI w/ ESXI

    This is the best you can do with ESXi. MPIO iSCSI limited with one conversation per time. I have been fighting it on large vSphere servers for years and end up with 10Gb adapters to utilize the storage bandwidth fully. If there are multiple simultaneous requests, you can see some utilization, but for something like migration or backup its a single NIC bandwidth only. VMWare made some improvement for link aggregation with LACP and Distributed switch in the newer versions, but not for ISCSi.
  13. Microserver N54L

    У меня работает но с несколкими условиями. Во первых, MAC адрес сетевой карты должен совпадать с адресом прописаным в grub.conf; Во вторых, значение WOL в файле конфигурации должно стоять "g"; В третьих, сервер должен выключиться сам по истечении времени засыпания, Если сделать shutdown вручную, может не проснуться пока не нажата кнопка питания.
  14. Улучшение форума

    FAQ в процессе создания. Когда будет готово, будет видно в Английской ветке. Улучшение Русской ветви и перевод FAQ - следующий шаг. Если есть желающие помочь в создании, начинайте творить. Полезные результаты поместим для всеобщего пользования.
  15. It would be helpful it you indicate the intended use of the server. You would get better recommendations this way.