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  1. [DSM 6.1.2] Question about disk management in ESXi

    This link should help : http://www.vm-help.com/esx40i/SATA_RDMs.php I have almost the same setup (DRM + datastore).
  2. Gen8 + ESXI (5.X/6.X) + RDM + raid ?

    Perhaps because you have the flags "raid" in partion . I have the same issue when I have switched to VM from bare metal. I had switched to ACPI mode (not raid) and remove all partions /flags with parted tool (live CD). After I have declared as "new" disks in VM DSM. I am a newbie also, so .. Regards.
  3. Gen8 + ESXI (5.X/6.X) + RDM + raid ?

    Thanks Dutchman for your comments. To clarify: Any reason you use the internal raid? -->lack of knowledge for my side: I was convinced that the DSM use the RAID controller to create/manage RAID Sure you have ilo so if raid fails you can still connect remote and troubleshoot. I didin't check the status though ilo, I have just lanched the VM with RDM created to the DD, and the disk was not seen by the DSM. But I would like to understand why you would use the low performing internal controller above dsm? stupid idea , finally.. I will restart my trials..
  4. Gen8 + ESXI (5.X/6.X) + RDM + raid ?

    My configuration/setup is so stupid or unique (to not have any comments) ?
  5. Hello, I have my Gen8 Proliant server (t1610, 6Go RAM), which works fine with the new loader, in bare metal config. I would like to switch to VM with ESXI, but taking in account several "contraints/specifications": - DSM disks (4 HDD, 2 in raid mode, 1 data, 1 SSD - connected internal in CDROM plug,not used until now -) --> reuse of disks without migration (RDM mode needed) + RAID controller activated in the bios (as of today with the bare metal DSM 6.0.2) - ESXI installation --> could be installed on USB ou internal SD card - SSD disk --> used for VM storage What I did: Tried several time to install ESXI (6.0 / 6.5) custom HP version (SD & USB key ): OK, no issue, ESXI properly installed Creation of Datastore : - OK: in ACPI mode activated in bios (disks visible in administration interface), but not compatible with current settings (RAID controlled activated --> issue: data not accessible by DSM (virtual) - NOK: in RAID controlled mode activated in bios (disks not visible in ESXI administration interface) compatible with current settings (RAID controlled activated)-->issue: no disks visible Did somebody have tried to set the same config (settings) , with RAID controller activated in the bios, and disks visible ? Some advise ? Thanks a lot. Rikk
  6. DockerDSM or VirtualDSM

    Both works, on bare metal + DSM 6.0.2. Rikk
  7. DockerDSM or VirtualDSM

    I succeed to launch Virtual DSM on Gen8 bare metal, with DSM 6.0.2. - no issues at all. Link to virtual DSM pat file: 6.0.2: http://global.download.synology.com/dow ... M_8451.pat 6.1 (beta): http://global.download.synology.com/dow ... _14871.pat If somebody retrieve the link to VirtualDSM install file, please, post the link ! Thanks. Rikk
  8. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    You need btfrs for Virtual DSM... I suppose you're using ext4 because you have migrated your volume from DSM 5.2, so you have to backup, format and restore data back. Ciao ema Thank you for this clarification. Rikk
  9. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    You need btfrs for Virtual DSM... I suppose you're using ext4 because you have migrated your volume from DSM 5.2, so you have to backup, format and restore data back. Ciao ema Thank you for this clarification. Rikk
  10. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Thank to all passionate who participates in this performance ! Everything works fine on my (fresh) Gen8, and I would like to clarify 2 things: 1) I have tested disks (used in my Gen7 with DSM 5.2) without cleanup / format operation. The DSM 6.0.2 has detected the previous version of DSM and have fixed the system partition issue (old DSM version), without removing data (as proposed during the process). From user stand point, is good (no needs to transfer/migrate data). Is it safe (filesystem ext4 vs Btrfs introduced with DSM 6) ? 2) With this version of ramdisk (DS3615xs), is it possible to use "Virtual DSM" feature ? Thank you ! Rikk
  11. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    ... I used the EFI/Legacy boot image from Setsunakawa on p10 (thanks man) - https://mega.nz/#!88dhAYCL!V_RviNsst7qi%20...%20GOz6P8GnZ0 I then got the boot image from Jun on page 1. (https://mega.nz/#!Z4UzWZxZ!hu9SZXpzJBTakHk7lO8pJfyHYb-YgGatI-Em9E3JXWI) I used the first image and burned it to a USB drive using USB Image Tool.exe. Then I needed to edit the grub.cfg file on it to reflect the USB drive's VID,PID. You need to set the desired SN and MAC addresses and add the SataPortMap=? if required. I replaced the ramdisk.lzma file on the USB drive with the one in Jun's image (second link above) at \image\DS3615xs The grub.cfg file is pretty much the same sort of file as your previous Isolinux.cfg file (which isn't there anymore).. No, you can't skip that step! ... Good luck, #H Thank you for your tuto. Unfortunately, even following your sequence step by step, my N54L remain stuck to "Booting the kernel". My config is not identical: 1 HDD and 1 network card (1MAC address). I have modified grub.cfg according that: set default='0' set timeout='2' set fallback='0' menuentry 'Synology DS3615xs' --class os { insmod fat linux /image/DS3615xs/zImage root=/dev/md0 syno_hdd_powerup_seq=0 netif_num=1 HddHotplug=1 SataPortMap=1 syno_hw_version=DS3615xs vid=0x090C pid=0x1100 console=uart,io,0x3f8,115200n8 sn=?????????? mac1=xxxxxxxxxxxx withefi elevator=your_magic_elevator quiet initrd /image/DS3615xs/ramdisk.lzma } Do you have some advices ? Can N54L owners share their setup ? regards, Rikk
  12. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Dear All, I am also interested to know if it is possible to use the loader on a N54L through an USB key. Regards, Rikko.
  13. DSM 5.1: shairport + LMS ?

    You're amazing ! I will try it. Thanks a lot. Rikk
  14. DSM 5.1: shairport + LMS ?

    Hello, I would would like to add the ability to send music from my iphone on my radio Logitech Squeezebox . Someone succedd to install the plugin on a system with DSM 5.1 ? I followed this tutorial ( http://blog.freshlytyped.nl/shareport-squeezbox-synology/ ) without success ( no sudo ) and the bootstrap ipkg is disabled at each reboot . Would you have any ideas / suggestions ? Link plugin release: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?100379-Announce-ShairTunes-Plugin Thank you , Rikk .
  15. DSM 5.1: shairport + LMS ?

    Bonjour à tous, Je souhaiterais ajouter la possibilité d'envoyer la musique de mon iphone sur ma radio Logitech SqueezeBox. Quelqu'un aurait il réussi à effectuer l'installation du plugin sur un system équipé du DSM 5.1 ? J'ai suivi ce tuto (http://blog.freshlytyped.nl/shareport-squeezbox-synology/) mais sans succès (pas de commande sudo), et le bootstrap pour ipkg est desactivé à chaque reboot. Auriez vous des idées / suggestions ? Lien vers la release du plugin: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?100379-Announce-ShairTunes-Plugin Merci, Rikk.