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  1. If you need s/n only to fix problem with random IP then its easier way to do this. Just setup static IP under DSM. If your server works then better dont try to mess with loader that someone else "burned" into it, like you said, you dont even know how server is prepared to work with synology. Only issue you have atm is that you cant migrate to dsm 6.x, and you have to turn off auto update options.
  2. Maybe something is changed lately, but few months ago, when synology released dsm 6.1.1 i could use push notification w/o problems and i didnt need sn/mac other than used in xpeno loader. My setup was on esxi 6.02, and notifications received on android phone. I did nothing more than turn it on.
  3. Sorry for the form im posting in here. Those 2 images are part of synology mail from mailing list about WannaCry, which was sent as images not plain text. Generally is said that WannaCry targets only windows systems, so DSM users are safe.
  4. If you properly setup up virtual host by name then all could work as intended. Try to set up with different port than 5000 and try access it with http://www.mydomain.com:port/. Also try http://www.mydomain.com/mydomain to see if the folder is accessible.
  5. During loader startup did you switch to ESXI option? Its the last one in grub menu. Also you can try to build new VM from scratch, just use hard drive from OVF template.
  6. When loader ends to load and you see something like: "Diskstation>", then you need to use synology assistant or try to find it from web assistant find.synology.com. My advice is to use synology assistant. Then open in browser http://xpenoIP and go thru initialization process.
  7. Its not exactly true. On dsm 5.x loader you can login with credentials like thru ssh.
  8. Agree. Thats why, i think, loader is prepared to emulate both hardware. Thanks to jun
  9. I aint Rhubarb so maybe only he can answer exactly. But I am making a guess here that it really doesn't matter if you go for DS3615XS or DS3617XS because you need to create a new usb drive to boot the DSM 6.1 or later iteration anyway. Moreover latest Jun's loader for DS3615XS is v1.02a whereas the latest is v1.02a2 for DS3617XS, which is a later revised version. Although I remember v1.02a2 only contains very minor change, it still make sense to go for the later version if you were to try something new. Having said all above, neither of the two loader work for my setup with both error 13, which really is a bomber. 1. jun's loader v1.02.a2 is a fixed loader for ds3617xs, v1.02a has "time bomb" 2. ds3617xs is compiled for new cpu architecture, with new set of instructions, hardware acceleration etc. if you use it on old cpu then it can cause problems on some part of dsm and packages, but users will blame xpeno loaders. for sake of safety and peace of mind its highly recommended to use emulation of ds3615xs
  10. chege

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    You cant switch from ds3615xs to ds3617xs without fresh install. Those hardware are not compatible, different architecture.
  11. chege

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    As far as i know there is n problem with clean install. My test vm with DSM 6.1.1 on esxi 6.0 worked with no problem few weeks. (jun's loader 1.02a2, ds3617xs)
  12. A VPN is something I have been wanting to setup for a while, but never seem to be able to get it to work. Is there a guide available somewhere? - I've looked through the GUIDES section on here and can't find anything. Did you check synology instructions? https://www.synology.com/en-global/know ... /vpn_setup
  13. chege

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I dont advise to migrate to DSM 6.1.1. There is problem with migration on esxi vm. Before you do that with live system do some tests with migration first. As far as i know all users doing migration on esxi reported brick system, including me.
  14. Ive got problem to find my dsm 5.2 with find.synology.com, it is up and running for years, but i can find it with synology assistant app.
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