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  1. I have been following this thread from the start and big thanks to @ThorGroup , @haydibe , @pocopico , @jumkey and others ! @RedwinX Appreciate your efforts to have synology publish the kernel sources for v.7.0.1 I can tell you that I have tried in the past to have synology publish genuine kernel sources on sourceforge and that they have not done so alltough they are obliged to do so according to the linux gpl. I suspect their reason for not publishing or publishing incomplete non-compiling sources is to protect their business and prevent projects like RP to be suc
  2. Try this:
  3. Try f11 at startup to select boot from usb...
  4. Probably a driver problem. Check the nic specs of the F2-422 as it's realtek and what driver is in the extra.lzma. Weird booting uefi, would think you have to boot legacy ! Also check your dhcp for problems.
  5. Follow this guide:
  6. Post a picture and try to reset bios. If not possible to boot legacy mode the bootloader must be installed on efi partition ! Doesn't look promising:
  7. @ausmann post ifconfig and bootlog pls ?
  8. Hi tiras, That model is clearly not working for you. Try model TS-977XU...
  9. Post dan auch mal deine model.conf !
  10. Die download link ist nicht verfugbar sehe screenshot ! Schon geschrieben ist eine arm version...
  11. Checked.... Link is working !
  12. Wichtig ist es die richtige Adressen im model.conf file einzutragen und dann initrd neu zu generieren. Dann lauft alles prima ! In diesem Thread kann man finden wie man das macht. Da ist schon vieles druber geschrieben...
  13. Hi, The model type can be found in the model.conf file inside the initrd in the qnap firmware download... If you run tiny linux you can easily find it in /home/tc/etc. Bye
  14. QTS. Ok so you used the default linux git source ? I tried to download the QNAP sources from sourceforge , but afik they have not included kernel module sources and just put some files there to comply with the GPL licence. Big scam imo!