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  1. Nothing? It is strange but the "RTC Alarm" option is always enabled even if you disable it if WOL is enabled. And even if the date and time change, it is always active at the same time (00:00 every day). I have tried modifying the BIOS with AMIBCP and disabling the "RTC Alarm" option but it still wakes up. I'm very lost and I don't know what to do anymore.
  2. There is a bug in this BIOS. It always wakes up at 00:00 when the WOL option is activated !!
  3. I haven't installed the bios mod yet. But all I had to do is change the boot mode to legacy (but it should work on uefy + legacy). Then I suppose that you have to change the options in CSM Options so that the usb starts automatically. But I don't know yet, I have to do the tests yet. I have to say that in the multiple tests I did, it has sometimes started me with the 1.04 bootloader, but the system was unstable.
  4. I did manage to load DSM with 1.03b, but I had to use the extra files. And yes, to put them it is necessary to mount the unit and copy / replace the files. Make sure to try the 3 network connectors, you may have tried one that is not functional.
  5. What bootloader did you use in the end? I was doing tests and only 1.03b (+extra) worked but there are certain things that did not work correctly with DSM. - disk hibernation does not work. - When using that bootloader, the transcoding doesn't work. - Fan speed does not change automatically - Network speed using different protocols is low (I have tried FTP, WebDAV, and SMB). According to my tests, with TOS I reach the maximum that the ethernet cable can give (approximately 115Mb / s). With DSM, it reaches about 30-40 Mb / s, or even less depending on the protocol you use
  6. Oh! Thanks! Does this allow to change the boot order? On the other hand, do you have the original BIOS file in case I had to reinstall it?
  7. Yes you can. You have to use the extra bootloader 1.03b + extra but you will have to boot from the usb manually every time you boot.
  8. You can not. Unless someone updates the bootloaders.
  9. From the official Terramaster forums they do not give much hope of it. It is easier to launch a UEFI compliant bootloader that is compatible with new hardware.
  10. dranivil

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Seeing that new hardware is coming to the market, the compatibility problems with the 1.04b loader, not being able to use the 1.03b with UEFI and not being able to update to 6.2.4 ... Do you think that a future 1.05 loader will come out that will solve these problems or is it something that is not expected?
  11. I've already tried, but that doesn't work. And even if it did, it would have to do it manually every time it reboots.
  12. Here I have opened a thread exposing everything. Apparently with 1.04b it gives stability and network problems, with 1.03b (+ extra.lzma) it works perfectly, but it forces me to boot into Legacy. If I have a power shutdown or reboot, I have to manually go into BIOS to boot from USB. No way to boot from HDD and redirect to USB?
  13. I have news! I have tested loader 1.03b with DS3617xs and this has happened: - The network works fine but ONLY one of the network connectors (the 1 Gbps one) works. The other 1Gbps connector and the 10Gbps connector are not working. With the 1.04b, 1 1Gbps connector and the 10Gbps connector worked. - The system works correctly, everything works smoothly. - It is impossible for me to leave it like that since I cannot leave the boot in legacy. This NAS has the boot priority blocked and the USB only starts me as the first option if I have set the UEFI mode. I think I'm clos
  14. I am trying to get DSM running on this Terramaster NAS. I am using 1.04b 918+ with extra / extra2. The problem is that the network is unstable and I generally have problems with DSM. This NAS has 3 network connectors, 1 of 10Gb and 2 of 1Gb. I will explain the problems I have: - When I connect the cable the network is not recognized. It does not appear on the router and the light of the network connectors is not on. Sometimes I wait a while and it ends up working after several minutes, other times it is never recognized. In the grub.cfg I have the MAC address of the 3 connectors correctly
  15. Ok, I have news ... I have managed to always boot from USB change to "only UEFY". But now the problem is in the installation and recognition of DSM. The pendrive that I have prepared has been with the 1.04b and extra.lzma and extra2.lzma (I have tried several versions) emulating the 918+. I don't understand why but the network card works sometimes. It doesn't matter if you connect it to the 10G port (the connector lights glow only when working) or one of the 1GB ports (the connector lights always glow). In the grub.cfg I have put the MAC addresses of the 3 connectors (they come on a l