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  1. These UEFI options are in the Advanced tab -> CMS Config (at least in the F2-221). No need to change anything in the boot tab.
  2. Try using UEFI mode only: Boot Mode = UEFI Only Storage = UEFI Other PCI devices = UEFI
  3. Yeah, i tried the original USB with XPEnology on it, no cigar I believe the Terramaster bootloader installs to HDD after the initial setup and probably checks if the USB pen is installed when running (or not)... Fact is, my Bios has the boot order menu locked, so i cannot change it. I already installed other OS's, but they all boot from HDD. XPEnology requires the pen to boot from and then launch the OS, so it does not work on this version of the hardware... The only option i can see, is if XPEnology bootloader copies it self to a dedicated partition of the HDD to be a
  4. I have taken pictures of the guts of the F2-221 unit I got. My board says it's a BOO-J3355-S1_V2.0, can anyone confirm with an older unit if the board is the same? Btw, this board seems to be generic for the F2 and F4 models, the other 2Gb of onboard ram are just unpopulated The SATA riser board is probably the same for the 4xx and 5xx models but with more sata ports on it.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I already did a bios reset multiple times (tried every option to reenable the boot order menu), but it remains locked. On a side note, the bios date is posterior to that post you mentioned, so the bios is different from those units for sure. My unit is a newer model without any doubt. I will post some hardware pictures tomorrow, maybe someone who has a later model can compare, because I think there are some hardware changes too. I only have 1 internal USB port and the internal memory is running at 1600....
  6. Hi all, I just received a new F2-221 (with Hdmi), but the installation of XPEnology fails to complete, because the bios boot order is locked, the HDD is always the 1st priority, so after the initial setup it will boot into HDD ignoring the bootloader on the usb drive. It is possible to boot from Usb, but is always necessary to go into the bios and select the one time boot option. Wonder if anyone had this problem and if there is a way to unlock the boot order options on the Bios or install the bootloader to HDD (overcoming this problem). I took some pictures