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  1. Hello there is some update of the installation image. I was looking at this topic
  2. Thank you but in that case I would need to open a door to connect. would solve my problem, but as I can only access DSM through a single port it would be impossible for me to access the browser, I do not have access to the nat manager from where I access it.
  3. Hello I would like to know if you have a functional browser spk package. like the qnap model and the web station. it would be very interesting to have a browser within the synology, to access internal pages like the router or local site for testing. someone has already done this feat
  4. I understood then in case I forget to want to use the ds918 with this processor.
  5. Good afternoon! I have this hardware configuration. Motherboard: Intel DQ77KB Processor: Intel Core I7-3770S Ram: 8GB HD: 2TB Well I'm trying to use loader 1.04b DS918 +, so it does boot right but I do not find it on the network. I do not know if it is any configuration in bios or if this hardware is compatible with this loader. Can someone help me install ds918 +. Thank you!
  6. Good Morning! Has anyone done loader 1.04b mbr?
  7. espetoet

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thanks for the answer. I tried to use loader 1.03b of the same error.
  8. espetoet

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hello everyone. My configuration is Mother Board: DQ77KB Processor: Core I7 3777s Ram 8GB 1600mhz Msata 32gb Hdd 1TB. I would like to know if it supports loader 1.04b. I tried to load the loader but it does not work in any way it gets frozen on the black screen and does not take ip. Observe the pendriver light goes out after a while. I do not know if it crashed or gave any error. can help me. thanks in advance.