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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, The Jun's versions 1.01 (DSM 6.0.2) and 1.02B (DSM 6.1X) are rebuild with a MBR partition table. I have put on the repository all images that i have rebuild with my automated conversion (MBR Partition table versions) tool. The repository link is here :!cIUXnCSS!VruDf235t2uLcRxIjji3qQ Hoping to move forward the XPEnology community. PS : The files "Convert_By_Genesys" contains the number of loader version and the partition table format use. PS2 : I will continue to make MBR Partition table version for next loaders. PS3 : The code base of my Automated Conversion Tool is the same as Jun's :
  2. Hi everyone, I recently got my hands on an older Shuttle PC (a very compact square little PC) with the following specs: - Core 2 Quad Q9300 - 4x 2GB DDR2 @800mhz - 2x 1TB HDD - 1x 128GB SSD - Nvidia GT 210 I would like to use this machine to run my Plex media server using XPEnology. I got 5.2 to work once but ruined it by attempting to update it to 6.2 (Plex Media Server apparently requires at least 6.0 to run). Since then I haven't been able to get any version of XPEnology to boot from a multiple different USB sticks. I've tried basically everything: - Two different brands and sizes of USB 2.0 sticks and one again differently sized USB 3.0 stick - Writing images with both Rufus and Win32DiskImager - Formatting sticks in both NTFS and FAT32 - Using UEFI settings and MBR settings in Rufus and Win32DiskImager - Basically every loader available on the internet, almost every version of Jun's, Quicknick's and Xenoboot's loaders - Every BIOS setting that may influence boot behaviour I've followed numerous guides and videos online but every time I end up with my Shuttle freezing at post whenever a USB with any version of a loader prepared on it is inserted. The only time I almost succeeded was with 5.2 again, with which the Shuttle did come past post but ended up with a boot error. I noticed that in most guides they refer to the syslinux.cfg file placed on the USB, which should be opened with preferably notepad++ to be edited. This .cfg file is missing for me with every loader I've written to any USB so far. Most of the files which should be on the USB after using Rufus or Win32DiskImager seem to be missing. What am I doing wrong? Would greatly appreciate some help here!
  3. Bonjour, Les versions 1.01 (DSM 6.0.2) et 1.02b (DSM 6.1.X) de Jun's sont complètements refaites et fonctionnelles avec une table de partition MBR. J'ai posé sur le dépôt toutes les images que j'ai refaites via mon outil de conversion automatique. Voici le lien du dépôt :!cIUXnCSS!VruDf235t2uLcRxIjji3qQ En espérant faire avancer cette belle communauté. PS : Les fichiers "Convert_By_Genesys" présent sur les deux partitions des launchers contiennent le numéro de version du loader et le type de table de partition utilisé. PS2 : Je continuerai de mettre des versions avec une tables de partition MBR pour les prochain loaders. PS3 : Le code de base de mon outil de conversion automatique est le même que Jun's : C'est un plaisir de pouvoir faire avancer la communauté XPEnology