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  1. Only way I've managed to be able to "Install it to the HDD" is via EXSI/Hypervisor, don't think it's possible baremetal though @Flyride may know, he's a smart guy
  2. They're aware that the DS3615xs has DSM7. I believe they said that they're going to start testing it
  3. Would this NIC work for Jun's loader 1.03b? QNAP 2.5gb/s NIC based on the Intel Ethernet Controller I225-LM
  4. Does the Synology virtual machine (in EXSI) support 2.5gbps realtek cards? looking at upgrading my aging server with:
  5. Thanks, but that seems a little too complex for a me, lol. I'll leave it as it is, if I was using it seriously, i'd use a real synology
  6. Ah. okay - the drives are connected using a hardware LSI raid card in I.T mode (acting as a HBA) Either way - it is all working, and is being backed up to a real synology in case of an issue
  7. Drives showing like this on 6.2.3-25426 update 3 (DS3617xs) This is running Jun's loader 1.03b on EXSI v6.7 update 2 - loading as EXSI (not bare metal) This has FixSynoboot installed and loaded correctly The reason i'm concerned as the Volume 1 is ignoring one of my 3TB HDD's in raid 5, so it's degraded
  8. EDIT: I tried to put it on Pastebin, but the URL did not paste properly - Using 1.03b loader, DS3617xs EXSI VM - with Fixsynoboot installed, Thinks it can fix the file, BUT I can't power it off properly - a VM 'reset' in exsi does not do the trick EDIT 2 - used re0install option and booted fine, now doesn't boot with the "normal" boot, odd, boots fine with the baremetal re-install option [m[4;2H+----------------------------------------------------------------------------+[5;2H|[5;79H|[6;2H|[6;79H|[7;2H|[7;79H|[8;2H|[8;79H|[9;2H|[9;79H|[10;2H|[10;79H|[11;2H|[11;79
  9. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.2-24922 update 4 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03b - 3617xs - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: EXSI 6.7 U2 - x5670 x2
  10. I'm looking to replace my aging server (2x x5670s) with an AMD ryzen based system as it will be more power efficient. Can xpenology run under this or do I require a Intel CPU. I currently have Juns loader 1.03b running on 6.2 2 update 4, no updates showing for 6.2.3 even on my real synology boxes. This is running under an EXSI VM. HDDs are connected using LSI raid cards in IT mode.
  11. Oh, don't worry. it's all non-production, all my actual important data is on my windows home sever (hosted on the same box) although oddly, Synology is more stable than windows server 2019 in some ways.
  12. I had this exact same issue I ended up using the file for the DS3617sx and have had no issues installing updates since, give that a try, going to the DS3616xs
  13. I signed up - hope I can run this on Jun's 1.03b loader, I have Westmere equiv CPU's 2x x5670
  14. Putty/WinSCP into your Synology and it'll be in the root directory - looks for a folder called etc.defaults
  15. When you say 'old PC' how old? as loader 1.04b needs Skylake or higher/equivalent compatible CPU. Try the 1.03b loader (that what I use on my Westmere era X5670's and they work great)