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  1. Aye, had already tried it.. I think it still tries to go 'online' (at some point) and simply doesn't work.. I might need to go down the dodgy route - or just give them my legit Syno box serial and claim ignorance. But it wasn't registered on that one, so who knows..
  2. OK. Suggestions requred please.. I have a legit SS license that got corrupted on my server when I tried to migrate to a new disk.. Done it before but this time SS reinstalled itself, rather than repair itself, and the license is buggered. Doesn't let me install it again on the same box as there's an issue with the serial.. Tried a different serial - but it says my license is already allocated to another server (yes, my old server's serial).. So.. I'm stuck.. PM me if required, thanks!
  3. Worked fine for my J3455-ITX - though I made my own Extra.lzma.. Powerdown and reboots are fixed too, good job! Should say that I needed to leave it for an awfully long time before getting a ping (and a couple of reboots).. But all was good eventually.. Attached my custom.lzma extra.lzma
  4. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior to update: DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 6 - Loader version and model: Jun v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: YES (stripped out drivers) - Installation type: BAREMETAL - J3455-ITX with Intel dual port NIC and spare USB pendrive and a single old hard drive (for testing purposes). - Additional comments: Installed 6.2.1, then update 6. Then upgraded to 6.2.2 (only took 1 reboot but about 4-5 minutes to log on), then updated to update 3.. Update from 6.2.2 to 6.2.2 u3 actually needed 3 reboots!!! I left it about 5-6 minutes after each reboot. OK so it works then! - Doing the same again with my actual nas drives next.. Edit: Completed successfully on my real NAS drives (same server). Now at 6.2.2 update 3. It took a very long time and a few reboots.. My advice, just leave it - for up to 20 mins before rebooting.
  5. Just use the 1.03b loader.. Maybe the image you're using isn't bootable - or it's screwed up in some way. No matter what, you SHOULD get the menu..!OV4gVKyZ!dCgfXx1bgAOyvbFwFiov3s7RSNoFuqnAcNmSllLoUiw (for DS3615xs) - v1.03b
  6. In linux? Just right click grub.cfg and select open with or edit.. Think I used Linux Mint or Ubuntu.. Handy to have a VM sitting around for various tasks..
  7. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior to update: DSM 6.2.2 - Loader version and model: Jun v1.03b - DS3615 - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Asus H87-i Plus with extra Intel dual port NIC (All three NICs working fine).. - Additional comments: No issues.. Expected it to work as was already on 6.2.2..
  8. Ok so it can boot but do you get the Menu when you boot to the synology drive? If not, theres possibly an issue with how you're editing the IMG file.. Easiest (for me) is to just Rufus the vanilla image to USB then plug it into a linux VM (or machine), mount the partition and edit the grub.cfg directly..
  9. Does it not boot at all to USB or just not boot to a working Syno? Whatever the case, I'd suggest using 1.03b.. Works fine on my DS3615xs.. Also, can you select the boot type? I think I need to use Legacy - rather than UEFI - boot to USB..
  10. It's a basic disk at present - and I thought that if you mirrored the drive, it would be the same size of volume/stroage pool as the existing disk - so I'd be stuck in the same place I am now.. (Although I wouldn't have the original disk I took the clone of, just part of a broken mirror).. Anyway, going to remove a mech disk, add in the SSD, create new SP/Vol and just transfer stuff over to it.. A bit fiddly, TBH...
  11. OK. Cloned the 250GB SSD to a 500GB SSD using the default options in Clonezilla. Worked fine. Able to plug it back into the Syno and boot without an issue. The disk size has been updated to 500GB in DSM. HOWEVER.. The Storage pool and volumes have not increased in size.. They're still sitting around 228GB.. Next Question.. How to I increase the size of the Storage Pool (and then Volume, I guess) to fill this 500GB drive?
  12. As long as the drive's recognised after I put it back in, then yeah, possibility.. Was thinking I could maybe.. -Take out one of the mech disks.. -Add the new SSD in as a RAID1 drive with the current SSD (the one I will be replacing). Let data mirror complete.. - Shutdown then remove the old drive. Switch the new SSD onto the old SSDs SATA port.. - Boot up, should show as degraded.. Break the Mirror by removing any RAID on the disks.. - Shutdown, put original mech disk back in and boot up.. Only thing I'd need to do would be to extend the size of the volume on the new, bigger, SSD.. Doable?
  13. All single disks - no RAID at all on this box.. I don't need fault tolerance on any particular volume as it's only for security cameras..
  14. Wondered if anyone could recommend a bootable (USB preferably) cloning tool that works for Synology disks please? Free please.. There are plenty out there.. One of my Syno boxes has 4 disks and only 4 SATA ports - so no option to add another disk in and move stuff to the new drive.. I wanted to replace a 250GB SSD with a 500GB SSD - without having to reinstall anything.. Anyone tried Clonezilla to clone a Synology disk (or do you have a recommendation)? It needs to be able to scale to bigger drives. Thanks!
  15. Nice work.. Gave this a shot earlier.. Extra.lzma file is a good bit smaller. Didn't notice a quicker boot - and I'll try patching to 6.2.2 sometime soon - but progress, IMHO!! I've a J3455-itx and I'd like an improved 1.04b - as it could be better with my hardware..
  16. Probably the same.. RAID1 is just a mirror, so it should still work without the second disk.. I would try.. Configure your box with a new blank HDD on the previous DSM version on Sata port 1.. Do not configure any new shares or disks - just the base Synology install.. Shut down and add in the 1st disk of your RAID1 pair to Sata port 2 (use whichever disk was connected to this port before - though dont think it makes a difference).. Reboot until it sees the drive, it should ask you if you want to repair the boot partition (or something similar). Your shares etc should appear as if by magic.. Shut down and remove the 'new' Sata disk from Sata port 1.. Boot up the box.. If it looks OK, shut down and add the other RAID1 disk on Sata port 1. Boot the box, do the same 'repair option' again.. That should be it...
  17. Seemed to work.. I've added my own steps or comments in red on the original post.. Unfortunately, I'm having to install my apps again - but no biggie. This is a Surveillance station box anyway! Thanks again!
  18. Seemed to work - Thanks!! I've added the steps I took (or comments) in red above.. Unfortunately, I'm having to install my apps again - but no biggie. This is a Surveillance station box anyway!
  19. Nice one, thanks! I was actually thinking of trying to put my old drives into my 6.2.1 system, lol.. This at least gives me something to follow!
  20. OK, so I screwed up.. Checked the updates reports and it seemed that a few people had success with the same Mobo as me.. Tried it and no NAS on the network. I have a J3455-itx board. Should say it's 1.04b loader on DS918+ Anyway, wondered if there was a way to reset the nic config (kind of like the button at the back of an actual Synology). Any way to do this at boot? I have a network bond configured with LACP/link aggregation configured, so if I could clear this out of the network configuration (dunno how as I cannot connect to it) that might help... If not, I've another 6.2.1 update 6 flash drive ready to do a restore, of sorts.. Not ideal but hey ho.. Using a 1.04b USB drive with 6.2.1 u6 on it sees the disks, but the only option on the console is to 'RECOVER'. It then installs DSM without prompting (assume 6.2.2 again) and I can no longer see the Synology box on the network. Any ideas please? Cheers, H
  21. - Outcome of the installation/update: UNSUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.1-23824 update 6 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Asrock J3455 - Additional comments: Not pinging after manual reboot.. Tried leaving it 10 mins, then rebooting again. Nothing. I did have a NIC Bond configured (maybe I should have removed the bond beforehand like I normally do). I've tried switching the cables to other ports. Using only the PCIe NIC etc.. Nothing so far - currently troubleshooting, sigh..
  22. It's a rough guide to try to help.. I don't need my efforts to help others 'marked' thank you very much.. DH... If you want to do another, more complete, guide than the one I put together in about 30 minutes - 5 Months ago - feel free to do so in another thread! Muddying the waters with guides for other operating systems doesn't really help AND the ('missing') info is already in many locations on this very helpful site.... You could have, instead, added the links and maybe the other little guides (freely available in many other articles here that are dedicated to those very topics) that I so naughtily missed in my 30 minute effort to put something down on 'paper' - but no, you went down another route..
  23. You obviously don't know the difference between VMWare Workstation (that this quick guide was written for) and ESXi - which was the two guides you linked... Maybe your guides should be linked in an ESXi tutorial, rather than Workstation??
  24. Have to disagree.. Find a serial/mac for an actual Syno Box and change it slightly for use on your own box.. Any time I tried to use the actual MAC of my MoBo/NIC cards, it didn't work correctly (though that was a long time ago)..