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  1. All fine.. Transfers to the file shares on the NAS (that VMM sits on) are 110 MB/sec Transfers to the other NAS (where I am copying files to from the VM) are fine if copying from anywhere other than the VM.. Again, about 110MB/sec. It's just when copying from the VM...
  2. Spoke too soon.. Back to around 12MB/sec Will try some other things.
  3. Thanks.. Is your Virtual Machine stored in VMM on the Synology NAS? edit.. Just tried changing the NIC type on the VM from e1000 to Virtio and there was an immediate improvement.. 70-80MB/sec. Still not as good as ithis VM used to be (when on VMWare Workstation) but a lot better than 10MB/sec.. Is Virtio the best NIC type to try?
  4. Anyone else have issues with crazy slow file transfers for VMs in VMM? DS918 j3455-itx w 12GB Ram.. Latest DSM. Single VM on SSD.. Copying files from VM to a remote NAS (that normally saturates a GBit link) gets 4-5MB/sec without Syno VM tools and about 9MB/sec with tools installed.. So slow I'm thinking of forgetting about Virtual Machines on my NAS.. Anyone seen this?
  5. You can add them.. You just need a legit Sn/Mac.. If it dies and you haven't backed up your licenses, you're screwed.. Synology will be VERY arsey about unregistering them (so you can re-add them).. We need a hack to workaround this for legit licenses....
  6. @vlaser How warm is your j3455-itx? Mine is in a case that's got holes like swiss-cheese AND I have a fan that blows onto the CPU heatsink (and hard drives).. I don't do transcoding yet.. Not sure what the point is - I play in whatever resolution the movie is already encoded in.. That might change once I'm forced to buy a 4K TV.. Though I'll see what difference, if any, it makes.. Have you tried different types of files for transcoding etc? Also, how does the CPU/RAM behave when you're doing it? It might also be DSM itself, ya know.. The latest Video Station update has a fix for "video transcoding failures"..
  7. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: No - Installation type: BAREMETAL - ASUS H87i-PLUS with i3 4th Gen CPU. Additional 2 port Intel NIC. - Additional comments: No issues, quick update and auto rebooted fine.. All NIC ports working - including integrated one.
  8. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 3 - Loader version and model: Jun's Loader v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: Yes (strippped out some drivers) - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Asrock J3455-ITX. - Additional comments: Couple of reboots required - took a while.. Just leave it..
  9. Thanks.. Aye, had a null modem cable a loooooong time ago (no idea where it went) so I bought a little f/f null modem adapter (to convert it to null modem).. Looks like they sent the wrong one - I have a sneaking feeling it's straight through - will see if they can replace it..
  10. Just so I'm not going nuts.. Do desktop PC's console ports output (or can they output) information via the console port - eg, when booting Xpenology? I have a USB to serial cable that I've tested to a cisco router etc - works fine - but not to a Dell Optiplex console port.. Should this only work for Servers or should Desktop PCs output information too??
  11. Tixati... ZERO spyware/adware.. Use a VPN!!
  12. Ok thanks.. Performance for me just wasn't up to scratch - and I didn't like my files being stuck in a VMDK.. I like to be able to see my files if I plug my drive in somewhere else - and Hyperbackup does this for me.. Horses for courses!
  13. Hostilian


    You need a valid Synology serial number to get a quickconnect ID.. Not worth the hassle if you don't have a legit one.. You could just use a VPN app to your router (on your phone) then connect to your Synology (once connected to your VPN).. I use that, rather than permanently opening a port to my Synology. My ISP also only charged a one-off fee (£5) to get a static IP address - which is handier than Dynamic..
  14. Hostilian


    Easy... Buy a Synology box.. As far as getting DS3617 to work on that machine, I'm having the same problems.. No joy (so far) on my Optiplex 9010 with DS3617.. DS3615 works fine. By the way, 1.04b is for DS918+ only, AFAIK..
  15. If your storage is already fault tolerant, and it's being backed up, then you could probably just go with a single 'disk' under DSM.. How big are your VMDKs? If the available storage is always wayyyyy bigger than your DSM disk sizes, you could simply create a new disk in VSphere, create a new 'disk' under DSM and move the Share/Data to the new one.. Not sure about expanding disks but rebuilding arrays in DSM seems to take a long damn time.. Apologies for the mini-thread hijack - but it's kind of on topic.. Can someone please explain to me why you'd install DSM in ESXi? It sounds like a recovery nightmare. Not to mention poorer performance over bare metal. Aside from the obvious pro's of virtualisation (having more than one server on the one box) and hardware compatibility; why do it?
  16. You might be able to squeeze an SSD in there too! Assuming there's a SATA port for the CDRom... Can install all the Syno Apps on that drive - more responsive - with a storage partition for important stuff.. I'd give the DS918+ a quick try.. If you don't get an IP address to connect to, give up and try DS3615.. I don't think DS3517 will work at present (I have a similar Optiplex and it just won't work with 6.2.2 on new loaders - with custom extra.lzma.. Though this might change with newer versions!!)..
  17. DS3615xs and 1.03b.. Or possibly the DS918+ loader.. Depends on how many HDD's you want..
  18. Thanks.. Aye, been digging around in there - and had a go at adding drivers for 1.03b for a box I have (e1000e) but it didn't work.. Awaiting your custom.lzma! Have ordered a desktop adapter.. Thanks!
  19. Morning all Wondered if anyone could recommend a GBit PCIE x1 NIC (3.0) that works with DSM 6.2.2+ please? Must be PCIe x1!! DS3617 preferred! Preferably 2 ports, but one will do fine..
  20. Even if it drops to 150, it's still much higher than he's getting - and 'just about above' the limits of most non-SSD drives.. On my 1GB network - despite having LACP etc - files transfer at 111MB/sec; which is maxed-out GB.. Have you tried copying from another computer? Also try using a crossover cable PC<>NAS to rule out problems with the switch (set static IP's obviously).. Try different network cables.. Is it 1000Mb full duplex on all NICs/Interfaces? BIOS updated etc.. Any clanking noises from the drive? 2.5 or 3.5"? Try add-in network card, rather than the integrated one.. How about running a Linux boot USB disk - rather than synology - and trying the file copy to/from the Windows 10 PC.. What about performance when copying files ON the NAS? ie, copy a file to the same volume.. Also to another volume etc. Using the file manager interface.
  21. Good stuff.. Aye, I have a DS918+ too; but it's not suitable for use on my main NAS boxes - so waiting for DS3617/5 extra.lzma then!
  22. Don't suppose you have an updated 1.03b extra.lzma for DS3617 yet please? (that I could test)
  23. Good job! Looking for Intel 82579LM drivers for 1.03b loader - DS3617.. (Might be e1000e) Any plans to add these in - or might anyone have a set of drivers please?
  24. Serial/MAC combination needs to be legit - ie. as on an actual Syno box - or else it's not gonna work.. Have a look in the Synology packages forum for other similar posts.. Bear it in mind - make sure you use Hyperbackup to back up your license (so you can restore it to the box). If your synology dies and you need to rebuild it, your SS licenses will be 'stuck' if you don't..