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  1. Probably the same.. RAID1 is just a mirror, so it should still work without the second disk.. I would try.. Configure your box with a new blank HDD on the previous DSM version on Sata port 1.. Do not configure any new shares or disks - just the base Synology install.. Shut down and add in the 1st disk of your RAID1 pair to Sata port 2 (use whichever disk was connected to this port before - though dont think it makes a difference).. Reboot until it sees the drive, it should ask you if you want to repair the boot partition (or something similar). Your shares etc should appear as if by magic.. Shut down and remove the 'new' Sata disk from Sata port 1.. Boot up the box.. If it looks OK, shut down and add the other RAID1 disk on Sata port 1. Boot the box, do the same 'repair option' again.. That should be it...
  2. Seemed to work.. I've added my own steps or comments in red on the original post.. Unfortunately, I'm having to install my apps again - but no biggie. This is a Surveillance station box anyway! Thanks again!
  3. Seemed to work - Thanks!! I've added the steps I took (or comments) in red above.. Unfortunately, I'm having to install my apps again - but no biggie. This is a Surveillance station box anyway!
  4. Nice one, thanks! I was actually thinking of trying to put my old drives into my 6.2.1 system, lol.. This at least gives me something to follow!
  5. OK, so I screwed up.. Checked the updates reports and it seemed that a few people had success with the same Mobo as me.. Tried it and no NAS on the network. I have a J3455-itx board. Should say it's 1.04b loader on DS918+ Anyway, wondered if there was a way to reset the nic config (kind of like the button at the back of an actual Synology). Any way to do this at boot? I have a network bond configured with LACP/link aggregation configured, so if I could clear this out of the network configuration (dunno how as I cannot connect to it) that might help... If not, I've another 6.2.1 update 6 flash drive ready to do a restore, of sorts.. Not ideal but hey ho.. Using a 1.04b USB drive with 6.2.1 u6 on it sees the disks, but the only option on the console is to 'RECOVER'. It then installs DSM without prompting (assume 6.2.2 again) and I can no longer see the Synology box on the network. Any ideas please? Cheers, H
  6. - Outcome of the installation/update: UNSUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.1-23824 update 6 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.04b - DS918+ - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - Asrock J3455 - Additional comments: Not pinging after manual reboot.. Tried leaving it 10 mins, then rebooting again. Nothing. I did have a NIC Bond configured (maybe I should have removed the bond beforehand like I normally do). I've tried switching the cables to other ports. Using only the PCIe NIC etc.. Nothing so far - currently troubleshooting, sigh..
  7. It's a rough guide to try to help.. I don't need my efforts to help others 'marked' thank you very much.. DH... If you want to do another, more complete, guide than the one I put together in about 30 minutes - 5 Months ago - feel free to do so in another thread! Muddying the waters with guides for other operating systems doesn't really help AND the ('missing') info is already in many locations on this very helpful site.... You could have, instead, added the links and maybe the other little guides (freely available in many other articles here that are dedicated to those very topics) that I so naughtily missed in my 30 minute effort to put something down on 'paper' - but no, you went down another route..
  8. You obviously don't know the difference between VMWare Workstation (that this quick guide was written for) and ESXi - which was the two guides you linked... Maybe your guides should be linked in an ESXi tutorial, rather than Workstation??
  9. Have to disagree.. Find a serial/mac for an actual Syno Box and change it slightly for use on your own box.. Any time I tried to use the actual MAC of my MoBo/NIC cards, it didn't work correctly (though that was a long time ago)..
  10. Yes it is.. Needs FMA3 extensions - introduced in Haswell.. Think it might also need AVX 2.0 - once again Haswell only.. Your one doesn't have them.. Oh and believe me, there's no way around it.. I tried.
  11. What loader/model are you using.. What CPU do you have? If it's 1.04b/DS918+ and an IvyBridge or older CPU, it won't work.. Needs to be Haswell or newer.. Other than that, need a bit more info. What sort of Motherboard/NIC? Onboard or add-in? If you're using ESXi, there are other threads dedicated to ESXi..
  12. Your CPU is not compatible.. It needs some additional instructions that Haswell has (and Ivy Bridge does not). It needs to be 4th Gen or better for DS918.. No way around it - even in a VM.. You CAN use DS3615 or DS3617 though..
  13. Look on Ebay.. You can get cheap, managed (ex-corporate) Cisco or HP switches for around £50.. Not 8 ports, generally 24 - but you'll soon outgrow 8 ports - especially if you're considering LACP..
  14. Hostilian

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    You said you checked it with another memory stick? Need to ask.. Did you change the VID/PID when you tried the other memory stick? It will be different.. Also, might be worth using a serial and mac address that's simular to the scheme used on a real ds918+
  15. Nice one! The 50MB disk... I haven't tried.. I'm happy just ignoring it!