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  1. You shouldn't lose data. I've done a few of them with no data loss (6.2.3 to 7.1.1). One lost the DSM config, but no actual data loss at all. Back up your data and configuration, just in case! I'd go with the same model and then you can choose whether to try changing the model once you've upgraded to the latest DSM - it'll think you've moved the disks to a new model! Yeah, latest ARPL, build loader (after selecting model, serial etc) and give it a go. If it doesn't work and you need any addons, choose them before building the loader. You can always recreate the loader and try again (I did one of mine a few times) without data loss.
  2. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3 - Loader version and model: ARPL 1.0 Beta 2 - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: DS220. Bare Metal upgrade from Jun's loader. ASRock J3455 integrated cpu. Integrated realtek NIC. - Additional comments: Took a very long time to get a usable IP address. Install of DSM failed with 'failed to connect' and when the IP was pingable again it said that I needed to reinstall DSM. Did the same again, but no joy. Tried DS218 install. Same issue. Reinstalled DSM 220 and after waiting for about 30 minutes, I got a pingable IP address and could access the console. Success, this time round. It lost my previous DSM configuration info but kept the files..
  3. Anyone any luck getting this to work with an ASROCK J3455-ITX board? Tested with DS920 and despite finding an IP via DHCP, it's not appearing via the web interface (or ping). Then tried DS918 and I was able to get to the web console to install DSM, but it had an error, then lost connectivity for a while after reboot. Not able to connect to the console. Then it came back saying I needed to format and install DSM again (hopefully just DSM, rather than the files - though they're backed up). Another DSM install didn't work either.. edit. a few minutes later.. DS220 Just started pinging after about 10 minutes sitting there doing nothing. Will see what happens after another DSM Install... Well. It failed again and after trying to reconnect, said it needed to format the system partition and re-install DSM.. Another reinstall, then a very long wait and it looks to be working. It must have been 30 minutes before it came back online - Kept the files, but it lost the configuration though.
  4. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3 DS3615 - Loader version and model: ARPL 1.0 Beta 2 - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: Bare Metal upgrade from Jun's loader. 4th Gen i3 CPU, intel Dual port NIC and onboard NIC. - Additional comments: Created loader on NAS, rebooted. Didn't get IP initially, but got one after waiting for a minute or two. Went to URL to install DSM. Detected previous install (I went for same DS3615) and chose latest 7.1.1. Downloaded and updated automaticaly. Took 5-10 mins then reboot. No issues so far. Data has been retained and confirmation too..
  5. Never mind. Backed up my data and went for it. No issues after upgrading, so far!
  6. Great loader, by the way.. Been using it on VMware and have done some testing on Bare metal (all good so far). I'm finally thinking of upgrading my main NAS - which is still running on 6.2.3 using Jun's loader (bare metal). If I create a boot USB using this new loader, should it update to DSM 7 and keep the data? I've read some of the updates reporting, and it looks that way, but wanted to double check! I might wait until the loader comes out of Beta, so just planning ahead!
  7. Sorry, what are you saying? The tools only work in Docker? I've got DSM 7 working perfectly fine in ESXi 7 (and previously in VMware Workstation Pro). I'm just wondering about the tools.
  8. QQ. For ESXi installs, has anyone installed Open VMWare tools? Is it via apt-get or any recommendations please?
  9. Yes. Tested it in pro first, Alpha6, then installed it in ESXi.. Both worked fine.
  10. Should say a big thanks to fbelavenuto and everyone else involved in Redpill! Awesome work dudes!
  11. On what hardware? Update from which version - or a fresh install?
  12. Yep. Same here. Tried 0.4A7 in VMware workstation (ESXi later). No joy. Nothing on the LAN after the initial config. then tried 0.4A6. on the same system. Straight away on the LAN after boot..
  13. Awesome. Same board as (one of) mine. Looks like I've got some catching up to do (as I've been taking a break). Does it run OK?
  14. I meant a legit one - from a known device - rather than one generated; but good to know! Overall, I've had more success with serials that correspond to the model it's known to have been used on (g**gle image search, ahem), than with generated ones.
  15. Anyone tried with a 'legit' serial number - one that corresponds to the model being updated?? Question.. Is there anything we can do - or do we just need to see if a loader update is forthcoming? Maybe the new build 25556 will help - but I doubt it! 😕
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