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  1. Poor SSD Write speeds

    If you're copying a very large file, then I'm sure there are a few other topics (from a while back) on something similar. Is this using Windows to copy the files using Windows explorer - or allowing the two synology boxes to do the copy?
  2. Migrate baremetal to ESXI

    Sounds like a lot more hassle than it's worth.. If you have spare disks, I would just set it up the same again in ESXi and just copy the data across.. Though in my testing, BareMetal was faster for me than ESXi.. I keep my couple of (always-on) VMs on an SSD in Synology VMM, and it's fine.. For anything more advanced (virtualisation-wise) then I felt I was better off with a separate ESXi server - using my bare metal Synology box as iSCSI Storage.. Depends if you want to mess around with vmotion etc..
  3. ASRock J3455-ITX

    Not really.. This new NAS is for monitoring security cameras - not much use if it's not switched on! The security camera disks are old drives, so can die when they want (only 500GB each). The other drive should spin down when not used (and I have an SSD in there too).
  4. ASRock J3455-ITX

    It 'supports' WOL - but I have this box on all the time, I'm afraid, so I can't confirm (as I don't need it on this particular NAS)..
  5. ASRock J3455-ITX

    Found a PCIe x1 single NIC card, which works fine too.. I've now got 3x 3.5 inch disks and an MSata SSD in it and it uses 44 watts (according to my meter).. It doesn't hibernate due to Surveillance Station, so that's in an active state... I'm sure I can get that down slightly (as at least one of the drives is 7200rpm).. It's MUCH faster than my Syno DS216j - well, it has got 2 extra cores and over 3 GB more RAM - and is actually usable with surveillance station (monitoring via smartphone). Nice work with the loader - again!
  6. ASRock J3455-ITX

    Aye, no notch though... I have been known to shave the little bit of plastic off the end of the slot - in order to get them to fit.. Worked fine when I tried it, it was a while ago though.... Think that was an x8 in a x4 slot (was Dell weirdness - can't remember).. ....Maybe not for a new board just yet though!
  7. ASRock J3455-ITX

    OK, build went fine - with the exception of noticing that the board only has PCIe x1 (so my x4 NIC isn't much use). Momentary lapse of concentration - but I don't need LACP or anything with this box, so no biggie.. The onboard NIC was detected and is working fine with the loader.. The board is the ASRock J3455-ITX board (the one with 4 sata ports).. My 2x disks have migrated successfully and I'm loading 6.1.4 update 5. When I get a minute I'll add my other disks and test performance over the NIC.. So far so good! #H
  8. ASRock J3455-ITX

    OK.. I've ordered an ASRock J3455-ITX board with a new ITX case and PSU (already have 4GB of RAM and a spare dual port Intel NIC lying around). Plan is for it to replace my always-on 2 bay Syno (more drives required).. I'll let you know if I can get it working with the loader. For an outlay of less than £150, it's a pretty damn good deal.. Price was obviously helped by the fact I had some spare RAM lying around, but hey ho!!
  9. DSM 6.1.4 - 15217

    Bare metal DS3617xs - DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 7 - Updated to 6.1.4 fine. Bare metal DS3615xs - DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8 - Updated to 6.1.4 fine. No issues on either of the bare metal boxes (and on my real Syno box, as expected).. #H
  10. DSM 6.2 Beta

    THIS!! ^ I'd prefer even these discussions were locked away on these forums - to certain users only.. At the same time, publicly, saying that it "can't be hacked"! - until official 6.2 release, that is!
  11. LUN Backups (iscsi)

    Latest version.. 6.1.3 u7 (soon to be u8)
  12. LUN Backups (iscsi)

    Ok. so I'm kind of answering my own question, but I've been looking around - trying to simplify things and I've come up with the following 'plan'. I deleted my second LUN (had nothing on it) and provisioned it as a new Advanced LUN (file level), then presented it to VCenter.. Then I was able to check the option to Snapshot it (looked OK) in Snapshot replication manager.. In VCenter, I'm simply migrating all my VMs (storage only) to the new LUN.. Will see how it goes! Once done, I'll delete the original LUN and reprovision as Advanced LUN.. This should give me the capabilities I am after! Any pointers to my original query, appreciated! Cheers H
  13. LUN Backups (iscsi)

    Morning all Just getting round to trying to sort out some backups for my LUNs.. I chose Block Level LUNs (for VSphere), which means that my LUNs are not considered 'Advanced LUNs' by Synology.. Great.. Anyway, just wondered what the best way to back these up would be. I'm currently running Hyper Backup to back up one of the LUNs and it looks like would change the volume to 'file level' if it was restored. Again, great (not). I'm wondering if there's a way to do the following.. - any way to easily snapshot or backup the LUNs so that it doesn't change the disks when I restore them.. - view the data on the block level LUNs from the synology box. - backup the LUN to the same synology box (shared folder) or backup/restore the lun to another LUN (changing the LUN type to Advanced). Many thanks H
  14. Looking for SATA controller card for baremetal

    I got this in August to expand storage on my new iSCSI server.. Cheap and cheerful, but works great! Syba SATA III 4 Port PCI-e 2.0 x2 Card
  15. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 7

    Updated to 'update 7' on my test bare-metal DS3615 and all working OK so far.. Also updated all packages and haven't seen any issues.. Will update my iSCSI endpoint DS3617 at some point later today (and my main DS3615). #H