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  1. Yes it is.. Needs FMA3 extensions - introduced in Haswell.. Think it might also need AVX 2.0 - once again Haswell only.. Your one doesn't have them.. Oh and believe me, there's no way around it.. I tried.
  2. What loader/model are you using.. What CPU do you have? If it's 1.04b/DS918+ and an IvyBridge or older CPU, it won't work.. Needs to be Haswell or newer.. Other than that, need a bit more info. What sort of Motherboard/NIC? Onboard or add-in? If you're using ESXi, there are other threads dedicated to ESXi..
  3. Hostilian

    DSM 6.2 loader does not run correctly in VirtualBox/VMWare

    Your CPU is not compatible.. It needs some additional instructions that Haswell has (and Ivy Bridge does not). It needs to be 4th Gen or better for DS918.. No way around it - even in a VM.. You CAN use DS3615 or DS3617 though..
  4. Hostilian

    Recommended 8 port gigabyte managed Smart Switches

    Look on Ebay.. You can get cheap, managed (ex-corporate) Cisco or HP switches for around £50.. Not 8 ports, generally 24 - but you'll soon outgrow 8 ports - especially if you're considering LACP..
  5. Hostilian

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    You said you checked it with another memory stick? Need to ask.. Did you change the VID/PID when you tried the other memory stick? It will be different.. Also, might be worth using a serial and mac address that's simular to the scheme used on a real ds918+
  6. Nice one! The 50MB disk... I haven't tried.. I'm happy just ignoring it!
  7. Hostilian

    Benchmarking your synology

    916MB/s for 4 drives in RAID5? Are they SSDs? If not, it sounds VERY high (for 4 disks) for Read and ridiculously high for Write for RAID5. For a normal disk - ignoring the parity in R5 - that's over 225MB/s per disk. I don't have any (non-SSD) disks that get anywhere near that.. Yes.. It should be higher than 153MB/s - so there looks to be something wrong.. Do you mind pasting the commands you're running - to benchmark it?
  8. Pasting one of my previous posts here - should sort you out! #H
  9. I have one add in card (and two onboard controllers) so mine is set to 666.. I reckon yours should be something similar.. You may also need to tweak your config files, iusing Putty, if your drives are showing up as 'external'..
  10. Hostilian

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    All of my disks (on this machine) are single disks; I don't need any sort of fault tolerance here.. Pretty sure your camera (I have three) wasn't streaming when you were getting 113MBs**.. .....But then, you could have just said it wouldn't help you for your setup - and left it at that.. Instead, you decided to be an arse. 😉 **Unless you have some sort of magic NAS..
  11. Hostilian

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Why so seriousssssssss. Jeez, it was said in jest.. Ok.. Being serious then.. Your disks CAN obviously pump out more - if they're bouncing around at the limits of 1GB Ethernet.. So the bottleneck is obviously the NIC - not the disks. Depends on what you use it for though.. I have LACP bonds between my various NAS boxes and whilst it might not bring it much above 113MB/s on an individual transfer, having LACP definitely helps when you have other things going to the box (camera streams) or other people using it - which I do.. Having camera streams (even only a few MB/s) cuts down MY peak transfer rate by about 40% (to about 70MB/s). With LACP it still hits 113MB/s..
  12. Hostilian

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    That's crying out for LACP!
  13. Hostilian

    J3455-ITX new BIOS finally released

    Dont use the version that connects to the internet to download the BIOS OR any version that updates within Windows. You'll potentially be left with a Brick.. Always update with a previously downloaded BIOS file, extracted, and use the BIOS utility to select this file for upgrade. I've read many reports of these boards being bricked due to the first two methods. I downloaded 1.7 and flashed that (fine) from 1.40. Then 1.8 and flashed that (fine).
  14. Maybe.. It's whichever MAC address you're going to use, so it's your MAC address.. Another way to interpret it; I have MAC Addresses on all of my network enabled products, but I don't add in 100 MAC addresses to my grub.cfg! I think the first time I tried Xpenology, I tried using my motherboard's MAC address (it makes sense, right?) - but couldn't get it working (I was still learning). So I switched to a MAC on 001132 range and they've all been fine since then (with a few exceptions, such as surveillance station). I also try to get something near a serial number for the model I am trying to install..
  15. They don't need to match a real box but Synology's registered Mac address range is on 001132... I've only ever used addresses on this range..