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  1. Have not tried anything yet, as I already switched the hadeware to my co-location at my garage to make external backups Yes, for using as a NAS, Thin Clients are not of good use, as they don't have any more room to upgrade. But for the reason I am using this, it is an applicable solution for me. And it works quite well. So that post was more for the usage as an external backup spot, so to say.
  2. Hi there, picked up a Thin Client from HP a while ago and used it as a Ubuntu server with minecraft server running on it. As this is now obsolete, I thought about other uses for that machine. It is this one: Parkytowers is the Infoportal for the repose for older ThinClients. Mine has 4GB of RAM (up to 16GB), a GX217 SoC from AMD and a M.2 Media Converter to SATA, Power included. Used this one from Amazon:
  3. I also did encountered slow read speeds about 2mbyte/sec inside of a gigabit network. Turned out to be the MTU. Did switch it to 9000, and now the speed is where it should be, around 110mbyte/sec. Find it here:
  4. Hi ihrs, lese schon lange mit und bin schon seit der DSM 5er Zeit Nutzer von Xpenology. Damals mit nem Dell FX160 Thin Client, der übrigens auch noch mit 6.2.3 perfekt läuft. Gerade weil hier die Frage wegen VMs aufkam. Ich kann das nur unterschreiben, dass man dafür schon einiges an Hardware braucht, um das sinnvoll und performant nutzen zu können. In meinem Fall war der Gedanke mit Homeschooling und auch von unterwegs Musik oder Filme zu streamen über Plex die Idee, da hier eine 250er VDSL mit 40Mbit Upstream vorhanden ist. Kurz: i5-3570 mit 8GB Ram und 128GB SSD Storage reicht nich
  5. Hi all, first post, but longtime reader and user. Also tried it. Thought about, what possibly could go wrong in the long run Didn't work with this Hardware: - Quanmax KEMX-6000 ITX with Sandybridge i7-QM Mobile CPU and Jun's 1.03b/DS3615xs - Dual Intel Gbit NICs Did exactly the same as with flyrides VM, but I used the hardware directly. Installs, reboots, and doesn't show up in Syno Assistant anymore. CPU utilization is not at 100%, but nevertheless -> Don't update before those genious guys here found a way to do it right. 6.2.3 Updat