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  1. Affirmative. Everything right on spot! DSM6.2.4 builds use the kernel sources that are publicly available - thus the condition checks for the kernel sources beeing used is met and there is noreason to throw the warning. From my perspective there is nothing wrong with the warning on DSM7 builds, as it's a constant reminder that we need to switch from toolkit-dev to the kernel sources as soon as they are publicly available. This warning is a functional warning, not a technical warning. @dateno1 To "fix" this warning you just need to convince Synology to publis
  2. Technical correct, but won't make much of a difference in this case bacause "compile_with": "toolkit_dev" will use toolkit-dev and not the kernel to build redpill-lkm. Once the new kernel sources for dsm7 are available the url has to change to the new url and "compile_with" needs to be set to "kernel" to build redpill-lkm using the kernel.
  3. Please open an issue in the github repository of the redpill-load version configured in <platfrom version> that you used to build the image. I repeat: the toolchain builder is not responsible for that.
  4. @ThorGroup thank you for the update! And indeed, I spoted and incorporated the new make targets into the new toolchain builder version Taken from the README.md: Supports the make target to specify the redpill.ko build configuration. Set <platform version>.redpill_lkm_make_target to `dev-v6`, `dev-v7`, `test-v6`, `test-v7`, `prod-v6` or `prod-v7`. Make sure to use the -v6 ones on DSM6 build and -v7 on DSM7 build. By default the targets `dev-v6` and `dev-v7` are used. I snatched following details from the redpill-lkm Makefile: - dev: all symbols
  5. This doesn't add up.... The toochain builder does exactly nothing to either support or prevent uefi, this is part of what redpill-load does. So far I understand your post as "the toolchain builder uses a redpill-load version that lacks the features that have been previously there". The toolchain can and will not influence how redpill-lkm and redpill-load work. Never did, never will!
  6. Neither the Dockerfile, nor the Makefile changed between v0.8 and v0.9. Thus nothing that would effect how the image is build or how the container runs was changed... You might want to clean your build cache and image cache and try 0.9 again.
  7. Ah okay. Forget that I ever mention my observation regarding Ryzen cpus and old kernels
  8. @WiteWulfAre you and the other having problem with Docker on 3615sx running Ryzen CPUs by any chance? My observation is that cpu softlocks randomly occour with modern Ryzen cpus on older kernel, which cause a freeze of the system. I made this obervation when building vagrant base boxes with packer on a Ryzen7 4800H CPU and especialy CentOS (having a 3.10.x kernel) tends to randomly freeze during packer execution (which just creates a virtualbox vm, installs the os from the iso and provisions additional software). Never had this experience on Intel cpus.
  9. Copy the block with the id "bromolow-7.0-41222", change "id" and "platform_version" to "bromolow-7.0.1-42214", then replace the "redpill_load" subitems "source_url" and "branch" to whatever you want to use and be good... The id can be realy anything, it is just used to match the configuration when using the build/auto/run actions. Though, make sure the value of platform_version exactly matches the format "{platform}-{version}-{build}", as this will be used to derive information required for the build.
  10. You can add as many platform version blocks (=set of configurations for a specific version) as you want. Just make sure every new block has a unique id.
  11. Everytime when I think, there is nothing left to optimize on the toolchain builder someone commes around and finds something that makes sense to be added... Thus said, here is the v0.9 of the toolchain builder. - added sha256 cheksum for kernel and toolkit-dev downloads in `global_config.json`. The item `"download_urls"` is renamed to `"downloads"` and has a new structure. Make sure to allign your custom <platform version> configurations to the new structure when copying them into the `global_config.json` - check checksum of kernel or toolkit-dev when building the image a
  12. Thanks, that reminds me that I wanted to add checksum validation for the downloaded files. I would put my money on "corrupt or incomplete download", delete the file mentioned in your screenshot and try again.
  13. I assume you mean that the toolchain docker image you wanted to build failed to be created? At least that's what you screenshot indicates. Though, the error message does not help to pinpoint the cause. It might be thrown by apt or curl itself. I just checked the jq download url in a browser -> still valid. The" I have no idea" attempt to fix it, would be: "clean all" and a restart of the docker service or the docker host itself.
  14. I removed all platform versions from the global_config.json that did not point to the @ThorGroupredpill-load repository. Thus, there is no build-in <platform_version> for DSM7.0.1 anymore and you will have to add according settings to the global_config.json yourself. It proved to be impossible to keep track of all changes that happen arround redpill-load, and after all not everyone wants to have an optioniated configuration that uses a specific fork. changes:redpill-tool-chain_x86_64_v0.8.zip removed all platform versions that use redpill-load repostories other then the