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Help Upgrading Microserver Gen8 DSM


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Currently i am running DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7 on my HP Microserver Gen8 and i would like to start updating it to the latest version. However, its been a while for me since I installed this update. Is possible to perform an update with the newest loader? Are there any tutorials/guids available? There used to be some pinned tutorials..

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I just updated a Gen7 and the process is the same as it was before, assuming you have performed a major update and it's a bearmetal system. You just need to create a new usb key using Jun's 1.0.2b loader, mount the loader img using osfmount, edit the grub with vid, pid, serial and mac to match your usb stick and machine. Then burn the image to your usb stick, shutdown swap the usb sticks over and reboot, find your machine in your browser and follow the migration dialogue.


Then you can apply the latest update patch to bring your machine up to 6.1.4-15217-2.


After that you should be good to go.

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Yep. it's pretty straight forward if you're a bit rusty you should probably read the post I linked to just to refresh. There is a link to another post early on to directions for upgrading HP's iirc.


You only really need the vid and pid to successfully install the system you don't need to change the serial and mac. No afaik Synology have put an end to abuse of quick connect and to be honest it's not something that the community would encourage or endorse. One it is a clear abuse of Synologys services and two it harms the future prospects of this project.


In fact you should probably create a firewall rule to block Synology domains to prevent leaking your systems details and IP.




Doing that will also prevent the system update utility from accessing the version check, so you will need to keep an eye out and manually apply updates yourself.


You can use this tool to find your vid and pid https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html


If you need external access it's easy enough to sign-up for a free ddns service and point the domain at your box. There is a tutorial on here somewhere which explains it if you haven't used that method before. If you setup a VPN server along with your ddns you should be secure provided you don't expose ports outside of the VPN. OpenVPN is the most secure option but it takes a bit of messing about to create the certs and keys etc. but it's worth the effort imho. Having said that using Synology's OpenVPN is a simple process, you can just export the client files iirc. 

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