Any data recovery advice?

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Alright, strap yourselves in, because this might get long...


Hardware setup:

4x WD 2TB Red in SHR

ASRock H81M-HDS Mobo

Intel Celeron Processor

8GB Crucial Ballistix RAM


First, some background:

A few days ago I noted the network drives that I have on my system were not showing up in Windows so I navigated to the system via my browser and the system told me I needed to install an update and that my drives were from an old system and would need migration. I wrote a different post about that here: 


The versions it wanted to install was the same version (or slightly higher) of 5.2 so I thought nothing of it and agreed to let the system update. It went through the install smoothly, but never rebooted. Eventually I was able to navigate back to the web browser and it told me I now had 5.2 firmware, but 6.1-15152 DSM. I am still unclear how this install happened, but I assume that it downloaded it automatically from the internet even though I had enabled the "only install security patches" option. As I posted in the Tutorial forum a few posts after the linked one, I was able to get Jun's loader installed and boot into 6.1-15152 and I thought all was well.


However, when I booted into the DSM, I was in a world of hurt. I have one bad disk in the array clearly that lists bad sectors, but that's the point of the SHR array right? Well I let the RAID start to repair itself and always around 1.5% into the repair it crashes and tells me the System Volume has crashed.



However, you'll notice in the Disk Info Section there are only 3 disks. Looking into the logs show that Disk 5 (the bad one) failed at trying to correct bad sectors:



However, when this happens Disk 1 (AFAIK, perfectly fine drive) switched into Initialized, Normal but drops out of the RAID array and then it goes into crash mode.



I don't understand the relationship between Disk 5 crashing out when repairing the RAID and Disk 1 disappearing. It stands to reason that if Disk 1 is fine, which is seems to be that it would just fail and stay in degraded mode until I can swap in a new drive.

I have tried starting the system with Disk 5 unplugged, but that does no good.


I have also begun playing around with attempts at data recovery in a LiveUSB of Ububntu using some of Synology's guides as well as just googling around.


So I suppose I have a few questions.

1. Does anyone know of a relationship between possibly installing the new system, and the bad disk causing the good disk to crash?

2. How likely is it that Disk 1 (AFAIK good disk) is also toast.

3. Do you have any tips for recovering data from a situation like this?


I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you can provide. I have been banging my head against a wall for 3 nights working on this. I have all the really important stuff backed up to the cloud so it is not a matter of life and death (5 year, 10000 photos) but there is a lot of other media that I am willing to do a lot to not replace or only replace some of.

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just as a qick note (not much time atm)

first use dd_rescue to copy as much data as possible to working disk (sector wise, 1 try per sector) from disk(s) with defective sectors

without that there will nerver be a repair in any way

after this you can try to repair the raid

be warned that quick an dity and there is no second try because if you start changing data by repairing the array its final


real data recovery would not work with the original disk, so if you have time an money you would make a image if every disk (like created with dd_rescue) and work with this


also wait what other people her might suggest, dont rush into something that will change data an any disk



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I suspect that by a bad combination of events (mismatched XPE loader/DSM update) and a bad drive, your volume may be badly damaged, beyond recovery.

The bad upgrade might have left the DSM partitions out of sync in addition to the change of architecture (SHR/Volumes to RAID Groups/Volumes) from 5.2>6.1, hence Disk 1 status,   Disk 3 looks like a genuine failure, maybe brought about by the raid migration/conversion process hitting the disk hard.

If you now have a correctly booting XPE6.1/DSM.6.1 system, I would boot with all 4 drives attached, DSM/SHR might allow read only of your volume in File Station, or via SSH.

@IG-88 is right to try and raw copy your data first, the more you play around the more the chance of causing more damage.  

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15 hours ago, IG-88 said:

first use dd_rescue to copy as much data as possible to working disk (sector wise, 1 try per sector) from disk(s) with defective sectors

Would I need a single external drive that is larger than the raid array? It seems like it could be copied to an external (all I have handy) and then possible re-mounted in an array via Ubuntu for copying.


A quick update, I rebooted into Synology and it showed ALL drives as being ok:


And it starts Parity Checking, and then of course fails.


This gives me a little hope that maybe Disk 1 could somehow be able to be mounted.


For now I am just running a straight copy onto some hard drives in order to save as much data as I can and if no more possible solutions pop up I will just RMA the drive (still in warranty) and remake the partition with the other 3 and add the 4th when WD sends me a new one.

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