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DLNA problem


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I've updated DSM 5.2 to 6.1.3.

I can see the shared folders (video, music, photo) from any tv in house but these folders are empty. Was working fine on dsm 5.2.

Tried to reindex folders and reinstalled media server but same thing folders with no content.

Any advice ?

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Try creating a new shared folder eg 'videonew', copy some files from the 'video'  folder, then add 'videonew' to the media indexing service. If that works and you can browse/play files then create folders and to the media server index. I've done something similar on my nas, I have folder for 'films', 'TV' and 'recordings'  indexed, separate to the default 'video' and its works fine.

You could un-install media server, delete the 3 default folders (music/video/photo) then reinstall media server (which will recreate the defaults) and see if that works, but remember to move your files to another shared folder first!

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My media server is back to normal after doing this:


MEDIA SERVER showing empty folders on TV:


1. login as admin

2. type sudo -i for root access and type your admin password

3.check if folders exist :



3a. if yes :

root@BlackBox:~# chown admin: /var/services/homes/admin

root@BlackBox:~# synoservice --stop pgsql

some service depend on service [pgsql] is still running, use --hard-stop to stop all related service

root@BlackBox:~# synoservice --hard-stop pgsql

warn: The runkey of service [pgsql] and its dependency services have been set to "No"

root@BlackBox:~# synoservice --hard-start pgsql


3b. if no, do:

mkdir /var/services/homes

mkdir /var/services/homes/admin

and go to step 3a.

4. shutdown diskstation

5. power on diskstation

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