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  1. jack78

    DLNA problem

    Do you have two or more LAN cards? Wysłane z mojego Redmi Note 4 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. For now I need only 6 drives. But I must measure total power consumption on a power meter, for sure.If will be to much, then I exchange the PSU.
  3. I think, I will try to use power supply form my HP Gen8. Power supply has 200W, but in the current configuration, system used 54 Watts. One HDD use about 3 Watts in iddle, and 12 Watts in load. I have enough power reserve.
  4. I think about this card http://s.aliexpress.com/NnAfqaqY I want to build external case for the additional drives Wysłane z mojego Redmi Note 4 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  5. 1. To using PLEX difference will be huge.
  6. Has anyone tried to connect 8 drives do HP Gen8 by additional card MiniSAS to SATA on 88SE9215 chipset? Is it possible?
  7. On 4x3TB its took 2-3 days, but I saw changed progress in %
  8. Try CPU C3 enable. If not, I have no idea.
  9. You need modified BIOS.
  10. You can, but i don't recomend. Use update8 in manual update from 1 post.
  11. This is normal. Speed is real, but procesor model is wrong, on every Xpenology.
  12. HP Microsever N40L - Baremetal 4gig RAM 4x 1TB HDD's Volume = RAID5 HP Microserver Gen8 - Baremetal Intel i3-3320T 4gig RAM 4x 3TB WD Red HDD's Volume = RAID5 Synology DS212+ 2x 1TB WD Red HDD's Volume = RAID1