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DSM 6.1 Final release, and now?


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I think Xpenology 6.0 has already been widely used without too much problem, not so much that I know off anyway. It is not "Offically" released, for whatever reason those developers thinks not suitable, maybe there is in fact some bugs that they still not able to fix to call it final.


But I have a feeling that Xpenology has started to fall, from the drop of discussion and relative absent of post from developers. The last progress for Xpenology 6.0 beta was back in November 2016. So far I have been using that bootloader without any issue, sucessed to update DSM 6 to update 9. I hold little hope to further development if I am honest. In the same time I repect all the work developers put into xpenology and there is no reason to force them to work on it if they don't want to.


Nonetheless, I would still be glad if the project would progress further, be DSM 6.1 releases a driving motion to ignite the developers eager again. I will come back and forth to check things out from time to time. Cheers.

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I'm sure I saw someone mention in the Jun post about Synology promising to release the source code for version 6 when 6.1 comes out.


I assume with it, we'll finally get some Hyper-V support on version 6? I'm still using 5.2, it works perfectly fine but always worry about security patches and that. My box isn't internet facing but I'm guessing that wouldn't stop anyone who knows what they're doing to get in via another route.

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I'm pretty sure that using a blank hdd you could recover from 6.1.

I have 2 4tb purples in my setup, and moved the data from one to another in fedora live, and reinstalled on the empty drive.

Now with all done you get repair partition wich is working.

Also i didn't had any raid mode, only basic disk.

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look at Juns latest post Alpha is out for testing

Clean OP, add link to Pokanskiman's tutorial and add download mirror.


DMS 6.1 uses updated kernel (3.10.102).

The kernel sources for 6.0.2 (3.10.77) has not been released yet so don't hope anything from Syno before months.


Like before no sources = no loader


jun's v1.01 loader CAN'T support DSM 6.1 so DO NOT UPGRADE !


I've rebased the vendor changes on 3.10.77 to 3.10.102, seems still works.


Update for 6.1 loader at https://mega.nz/#F!18kB1BTB!1ft3N5Hnrcn ... A!5kcjyJ7R



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I agree that the development side of XPEnology seems to have dropped off a bit but you can't hold anyone at fault. I'm still on 5.x at the moment and will probably jump to the release of FREENAS 10 when it hits on 03/06/2017.

Why not do both, Xpenology with BTRFS+ SHR for the various sizes of odd disks and Freenas for the top security of data via ZFS. That is the benefit of using ESXi and VMs. Run any number of apps well and safely.

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