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  1. hello friend, thank you so much for that solution! stay safe!
  2. Hello friends, I was using more than 4 year my bearmetal xpenology pc. but currently I am getting this error after I restart my pc. and there is no ping. I cannot connect to my server. I think something happened to the usb boot drive? please check attached picture. anybody help ?
  3. Unfortunately I did not find anything selamlar
  4. at least this time we helped the people I think dear, It is satisfying @Polanskiman
  5. Hello All, I have baremetal pc and running DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3. I did not install new app or no any changes on any app. It just appears Abnormal on Web Station panel. I simply delete my all VH on that. I uninstall PHP, Apache and Web Station. and then re-installed. and now when i am trying to create new VH and I am getting this error: port is being used. please use another port. you can check the picture to see the error. more info: I can choose different port. and It is saving like that. For Examp. for http 8080 and for https 444
  6. thank you also for your following the topic @Polanskiman
  7. Thank you for your reply @flyride ! I simple ordered new network card, and waiting product to arrive soon or later. and I will test with that. I will reply result about that after that I test it with new network card. and this will be helpful for the other users as well. BR.
  8. yes there are2 realtek ethernet port on this motherboard. And you are saying that there is no more support? pfff so I should buy new NIC.... BR
  9. Hello, @bluesnow, it just asked directly to new installation. then I found the image file from web site. and I test it with 6.2 and 6.2.1 pat files. it just worked with only 6.2 pat. then I tried to upgrade but it did not worked after upgrade. Best Regards
  10. could you please tell us exactly which version did you used (pat file) ? because I just run that vmachine and tried to installed latest update but then it did not worked. please share with us which version did you used of that PAT file. thanks.
  11. it is an old pc actually. but thanks god I can user this machine by your help about OS. core2duo cpu, gigabyte x48 motherboard with 2 onboard ethernet, ddr2 ram BR.
  12. Hello all, I have baremetal Synology 6.1.7-15284 with V1.02b for ds3615 and I am looking for a help from you guys about migrate my server to 6.2.1. Should I just prepare new usb boot loader with V1.03b for DSM 6.2 and then remove the old version usb and put the new one and then boot with the new usb and try to migrate ? Many thanks your help! BR.
  13. Hello all, I want to run synology with bootloader on Apple Mac Pro A1186. is that possible ? Should I make same way that we just create boot loader to my usb stick drive and boot with that ? BR
  14. Hello all again, I just install new dsm on vm. and I just tested with new this machine about my issue. And as I understand I should delete Host on Virtual Machine Manager. But I cannot open this application. So, I need your help about; to delete this host with command cli. Is there way to remove this Host record? many many thanks to all.
  15. Hello all, there a solution about that. :(((((