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Baremetal Server only starts when monitor is connected



Dear all,

I have a problem with my Server. It is connected with starting it or doing a reboot.

XPEnology is running with version 7.1.0-42661, loader tinycore-redpill, Option "1a" from this thread. Motherboard is an ASRock J3355B-ITX with 8GB DDR3-1333MHz. There are 6 WD Red harddrives installed (2 with 3TB, rest with 4TB).  4 of them are connected via an SATA extension card with the JMB585 chip. It looks exactly like this picture:





My problem is that if there is a power failure or a reboot, the server only starts / reboots when I connect a monitor to the HDMI output. If this is not the case, the server will not start at all. If I connect a monitor after starting, there is no video output - I can't see anything. The machine does not even request an IP from the router. When I plug out the energy cable and replug it again (monitor also attached and on) the system starts as it should. I can see the boot screen and then switching to USB, loading kernel etc.

It almost seems as if the BIOS requires the presence of a monitor to start.

ASRock said they did a test with this MB with Windows 10. They added a startup sound after Windows was booting up. They plugged out the HDMI cable and startet the machine. After half a minute they could here the installed startup sound  --> means the machine started without issues. With xpenology / a boot via USB seems not to work. Does someone has an idea how I can fix this?

Of course, the server runs smooth without a monitor but when I am on the road and there is a problem, then my data is not accessible.




Danke und liebe Grüße,

Thank you and Kind Regards

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