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Don't know the answer to your question...  but if it works I'd be curious to know what you gain?  I'm in no way questioning your desire to make the change.  I may go there myself.  Perhaps showing as a 3617 gets access to more apps?  I would guess though, that running DS3617 on the same rig (cpu and memory) would perform the same?

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Yes, it will migrate.  It would be in your interest to do a test install to fully confirm that the NIC and controller are recognized, assuming the install is baremetal.


@Badger the biggest practical difference between DS3615xs and DS3617xs is the ability for the latter to support 16 threads.  All other XPe supported platforms are limited to 8 threads.  For more than four hyperthreaded cores, DS3617xs is the only way to maximize use of the CPU.




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It is unlikely that your processor is an issue, but you are probably the first person to document trying to run on that CPU.


It's odd that many people really want to go on a different platform than is known to work, and then ask for troubleshooting help if it will work (new processors and NICs over stated working ones, VirtualBox over ESXi, etc).


That said, if you are virtualizing, it doesn't matter what NIC you have unless it is unsupported by your hypervisor.  What does matter is that your hypervisor presents a virtual network card that works with DSM.

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