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  1. Is there an app like this that will work to backup my PC? This wont work because its not a real Synology.
  2. lol thanks. To me that was a USB 3.0 port though. Didn't know that option was in bios. One would think that would be enabled by default. But im a big boy, i can take it :) Thanks for sticking with me though. Truly appreciated!
  3. ok so i checked bios. For some reason USB 3.0 Controller was unchecked. @IG-88 A huge thank you! Tried to transfer the same 1GB file and Im getting speeds of 108 again.
  4. none of them are blue on my laptop but they are officially 3.0
  5. any clue where i would find that? This seems very interesting though Can this POS not even be USB 3.0? It says 3.0 on the adapter.
  6. is PC1 (My main PC Dell XPS 9343) Ran it the Opposite way also. PC2 is a Dell XPS 9333 If i plug in a hard drive into the cable matter usb-ethernet adapter and try to transfer a file i get speeds of 22MB/s. Does that mean its not running 3.0 speeds? Both usb ports on both these laptops are usb 3.0!
  7. Juts want to make sure you have all the facts. There are 3 computers here. PC1 - My primary (Laptop) that I was getting speeds of 30Mb/s with an external USB-Ethernet adapter PC2- Laptop. Getting speeds of 108MB/s with the same USB-Ethernet adapter as i was using on PC1 PC3- DSM. Installed on an Optiplex 790 with the onboard NIC Should I still try the Open media vault step to test the speed?
  8. The external adapter is usb 3.0 plugged into a usb 3.0 port
  9. also the usb to ethernet adapter is connected to my PC. The synology is using the built in NIC for the optiplex 790. Also remeber that on PC2 i got speeds of 108 with the same external adapter
  10. Im using a usb to ethernet I dont know how to check lsusb/lspci. Im also on 3615xs the above thread appears to be for for 918+
  11. ok, Tried adapter 1 on PC2 and got 108MB/s. These are the speeds of my SSD on PC1. Cant figure this out.
  12. ok so using a diff PC to transfer the same file I got 108MB/s transfer speeds. Does that mean my network card on PC1 is bad? PC1 and PC2 are both using external adapters but when i put the new adapter on PC1 i got 31 still.
  13. I used iperf3 and got these results. Im hoping this is the same thing you wanted me to do with netio