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  1. @renegadeBE solid guide here. The Chipset wasnt something i was aware of. However i still cant seem to get any (3615.3615 or 918) to boot. Precision 5820 Xeon Processor W-2225 I219-LM and Intel 82575EB any advice? its been literally a week of me trying
  2. well got my new NIC card and sadly i still cant see anything on SA. is it possible my processor isnt supported @flyride? The processor is a Xeon Processor W-2225 I have 3 VM im testing with 3615,3617 and 918.
  3. I have a new nic in order as I can’t seem to find it with my current nic. I am planning to put this on a vm of that makes a difference. Likely going to be with virtualbox
  4. I setup a Linux server a while back with an api to cloud flare. Works great
  5. @IG-88 do you see any way this will work with my hardware? Big shoutout to@gadreel for trying to assist but unfortunately when he spins it up in Virtualbox his isnt getting an ip either. The two cards i have are: intel I219LM realtek 8110 and realtek 8168 I have tried 3615,3617 and 918 with and without the lzma files. Is the answer here to just purchase a different NIC?
  6. wow! Lets hope thats my issue lol.
  7. Really appreciate the guidance man. This is driving me mad. ALso does it make a difference that you dont have the same hardware as me? at least chances are you dont
  8. Ah! i tried with it enabled and disabled. ....Same results
  9. Where do you see EFI is enabled? (The usb settings are EHCI). The OptiPlex is my current working machine. Im trying to run all these tests on a Precision 5820
  10. just looking for the cheapest option thatll get me gb speeds. deff dont need 10g
  11. is there a specific NIC card i can buy that would be supported out of the box? Much simpler for me to buy it then to play with it. Im just out of options at this point
  12. That is my next step. The reason i wanted 3615 is because i already have a barebone xpenolgy that is working fine on 3615. I wanted to take those drives over to my new machine and use RAW DISK in oracle to point to those drives. I dont know if that will work with 918 but regardless i have backups. So for right now im trying to just get it to boot (with a new blank RAW disk). Once i see that its stable, plan is to move the drives over to the new machine. This issue has to be my NIC or Processor. I ran some test on a XPS13 laptop i5 with virtual box and i was able to get
  13. NAT didnt do it for me on either machine. But i get the Happy Hacking screen on both. 3615 3617
  14. I will give that a go. Most of the threads that I’ve seen about virtual box say to use bridge mode
  15. i have a 3615 setup now and want to go to 3617. will the new 3617 be able to detect the drives that currently have 3615 on and be migratable?