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  1. Awesome! Can I use the 3rd drive if i wanted to (some extra storage)?
  2. WOW. What a ride this has been. Thank you so much for bearing with me and guiding me through this process. I actually got a new machine with a new drive and it worked the first time. So the error i was getting was either machine or drive related. but im all good now. DSM shows 1 drive as unused now. If i do decide to remove the 3rd drive do I still keep the 2 old drives in ports 2 and 3 or i can move them to 0 and 1?
  3. Same results with a new usb. Will try to get ahold of a new drive tomorrow. What’s leading me to believe something is wrong with the drives is that although the status shows not installed. One drive shows 6.2.3 by the version and the other drive shows not installed but 6.2.2 by version. Does that mean they weren’t nuked properly? That is literally the only thing I can think of at this point. Maybe the nuke isn’t enough.
  4. Got it. Always thought it had to match what was in there. I’ve literally been trying different things since I posted so I’m kinda all over the place at this point
  5. It’s not going to matter that the original drives say 6.2.3 on there?
  6. Going to try new usb. There’s no way I can use my old drives with 6.2.2? Is there?
  7. Just wanted to say thank you for guiding me here. Was able to install on a clean drive but for whatever reason once it installs, it says rebooting but it doesnt come up after it reboots. Its also not found in the assistant app once the reboot finishes. Are there any other options here? Ive tried this process on 2 drives with the same results.
  8. ok nuking them again. Will plug (nuked drive) in Port 0. I did do that before. Had 2 free drives so tested in 0 and port 1. The problem was that when dsm asked to reboot it never came back to dsm. I understood you correctly. Whats throwing me off is on a clean install something is preventing it from booting to dsm after the required reboot.
  9. on the usb loader or the drives? Ive been Nuking the drives (Dariks). I get the option to install DSM for the first time but once it requires a reboot it wont load. It fails to boot to the dsm welcome page. Just to make sure i have the right drive, I should plug it into the Black which is Sata 1 correct? My Red drives were in 0 and 1 before all this. Blue is 0 Black is 1 White 2 White 3
  10. when you say the first drive, you mean on the motherboard drive 1? The other drives that I had in there were disconnected but the 3rd drive(for the clean install) was plugged into port 3 on the MB.
  11. I installed to drive 3. Assistant shows 6.2.3 installed but also said migrate. after reboot (i can ping) but Assistant cant find it unless i select reinstall from loader.
  12. ok, goona be a long night lol. Thanks. If you can link me to that post just so i can get some more background id appreciate it
  13. is it possible i need to add extra.lzma? Someone mentioned to me that 6.2.3 breaks drivers in 1.03b