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  1. Nice!!! But now what will you do will all that "spare" time? Congrats...
  2. "Never mind. I just jumped in and swapped drives and migrated and seems to be ok. Only comment I can say is no improvements that I can see but I am a rookie to this still and I am guessing some of you geeks know a lot of great things with 7" So from your comment above it appears the migration to DS3622 worked for a while? I don't think I have the expertise to really help but I can relate my experience. I successfully migrated my 6.2 box to DS3622xs+ with 7.0.1... then I tried to migrate to 7.1.0 and that seemed to mess everything up. I had the "rebooting" issue also... and then
  3. I do find DSM7 to be a bit "snappier" to respond and finish tasks. Changing from Photo Station to Syno Photos seemed to be a bit of an "upgrade". I like the Syno Photo Android app (for syncing and backup) better than Photo Station (for Android). However the lack of USB dongle support has made the whole thing a bit of a downgrade for me as I used a zwave stick (USB) with Home Assistant (3rd party app) with DSM6. I may have to return to 6.2 if I can't find an alternative for DSM7 to run my home automation stuff.
  4. Confirming successful update to 7.1-42661 Update 1 (from 42661) on DS3622xs+. Just downloaded the "non-Nano" 4.5mb .pat file and ran the update via control panel
  5. Which file did you use? It appears I can download the 4.5MB .pat file.... but "error 403" when I try to download the big file (over 340MB).
  6. Well I finally got there..... 3622xs+ w/7.1-42661 on MSI (MS-7641) mobo (AMD). I was unsuccessful migrating from 7.0.1 to 7.1.0 (although migration from 6.2.3 to 7.0 worked fine). I used Sue's guide from page 102 of this thread (fresh install) and it went smoothly. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to SSH or telnet into the DSM as advised... but luckily it just came right up after boot and then installing 42661 from Synology download center. I'm doing a file sync from my genuine DS216J (which is running 7.0.1) and then I'll install some apps and do some testing on the new Xpe
  7. I'm trying Peter Suh's guide from page 102 of this thread... which specifies SSH into TC at the start to facilitate modifying some files before boot. The above password is not working for me. Is there a new one? I've tried both zero 0... and O, but both say access denied. I'm using login id "tc". Please advise.
  8. Sure is possible. Or another old PC with good specs (like you have now.. if I understood correctly). Then set both to sync folders and you'll be ready for either to crash.
  9. This command seemed to do the trick "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=1"
  10. Ok so I finally gave up on migrating and started from scratch. I created a linux mint disk and am trying to delete the partitions on the hard drives (3 2TB Drives). Gparted would not let me delete one of the partitions (locked). I left that partition on each disk.... built a new 7.0.1 loader and upon boot and connection to the new DSM... it still forces me to "recover". I know that won't work. Can anyone council me on how to delete a locked partition?
  11. I was using putty/SSH. I'll try telnet.
  12. Can't ssh into the DSM.... "connection refused". Right now the DSM is at the "recover" screen.
  13. Oh... OK. So I'll go back and create a loader for 7.1 via the "two step" process. Then boot... ssh in and comment out the acpi lines. I'll give it a try. thanks.
  14. Assuming you meant your previous post where you advised leaving disks as is..... So I created a 3622xs+ 7.0.1-4etc loader from scratch using this guide ./ update now ./ fullupgrade now ./ serialgen DS3622xs+ ./ identifyusb DS3622xs+ ./ satamap now ./ backup now ./ build broadwellnk-7.0.1-42218 Boots... then the installer won't allow the 7.0.1 .pat file. Specifies 7.1 42661 or later. So I download and click next. Tries to migrate.... reboots. Then says recov
  15. Well I successfully migrated from 6.2 to 7.0. Then tried to go to 7.1. I used both the postupdate method and the "two step" method, but neither worked. The 'two step" method got pretty far, but the system shut down/crashed as the install was just finishing. I tried 3 or 4 times. Question is... if I go back to 7.0.1 or 6.2.3... is it true I will have to wipe my disks, because the migration to 7.0.1 was successful? I'm afraid that perhaps even a 7.0.1 loader won't work because the 7.1 install ran on for about 9 minutes before crashing. Please advise.