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  1. I don't think you'll get an answer to these questions. Upon a quick search I see that some folks have had success with 3615 and 3617 on the T320. But are all T320s the exact same configuration of Hw? Trial and error is kind of required for Xpenology. I think you'll have to take the time to "check compatibilities" via the forum ( i know it can be tedious to wade through). Then make a decision whether to buy the T320 and try the loader/platform combos previously recommended.
  2. Or maybe try replacing the extra.lzma file in the second partition of the bootloader Search for "driver extension installation"... or something like that for instructions. I had to do this to get the network going on my setup.
  3. Looks like the bootloader you chose did boot. What did you find at
  4. Nope. You'll need an ISP and a Modem also (among other stuff like cables and connectors).
  5. Seems like maybe the player your TV uses needs videos to be in a /video folder? You say they are only "seen" in /video folder. If they don't even show up as a file in the /photo folder... I'm thinking perhaps its a path issue with your TV video player.
  6. I had a T1600 (as a PC, not NAS). The stock fans make this a pretty noisy box. As Flyride said... go with a passive cooling if possible for the cpu. However those are usually pretty big and getting one that fits might be a challenge. Then you could get a virtually silent PSU replacement with a bigger fan inside (shop around... there are several that I believe will fit). You may have to stick with the noisy 80mm case fan unless you can find a way to rig a 120mm in that space. You could just unplug it and see how hot things get... but I'm guessing you'll need some kind of airflow to keep
  7. Don't know the answer to your question... but if it works I'd be curious to know what you gain? I'm in no way questioning your desire to make the change. I may go there myself. Perhaps showing as a 3617 gets access to more apps? I would guess though, that running DS3617 on the same rig (cpu and memory) would perform the same?
  8. This driver file worked for me on my AMD setup (1.03b ds3615): Copy the "extra.lzma" file onto the 2nd partition of the bootloader replacing the extra.lzma file that is already there (not the 1st partition... which is the one you modified the first time, but the 2nd). I would also start over with a fresh copy of the bootloader, and modify both partitions fresh.
  9. yes. Couldn't be simpler... and 3516xs is what I have installed. Thanks! I had never installed any app or driver manually before. I wonder if this also might be the answer to my usb 3.0 pciex card. That was going to be my next project. Thanks again.
  10. Orphee... I'm thinking maybe installing Domoticz (said to include Jadahl's drivers) might be the best/easiest way to install the drivers. Otherwise, would you have any counsel on how to install. I'm semi-comfortable with terminal and VI with my Xpenology box.
  11. thanks. I will try it.
  12. Any advice or experience here with Xpenology and ZWave sticks (specifically Nortek)? Search came up with nada. My interest is in transferring my Home Assistant to my Xpenology Box. The Synology Home Assistant app runs great so far, but now to get the ZWave or Zigbee usb drivers installed might be a non-starter?
  13. Loader version and type: 103b 3615xs DSM version in use (including critical update): DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 Using custom modules/ramdisk? If yes which one?: Yes, extra.lzma for 3615 v0.11_test Hardware details: Motherboard - MSI ms-7641 version 3.0 (Socket AM3+) CPU - AMD Sempron 145 2.8Ghz 4GB DDR3 RAM NIC - Realtek RTL8111E Notes: Had to set PCI Video bios option from "auto" to "disabled" for it to boot (with network).... which I though was odd. Took a few hours of trial and error to find that. Happy New Year!
  14. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2 - Loader version and model: v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: YES. EXTRA3615_V0.11_TEST - Installation type: BAREMETAL - GFORCE 7050M (amd64) - NIC: rtl8169sc – Asusnx1101 - Additional comments: NO PROBLEMS
  15. I got 1.03b to work with an older amd mobo and amd cpu older than yours. My problem was with the driver for the network card. See my post below. Maybe you have a similar issue?