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XPEnoboot Install - Blank Screen


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I had this posted in the very long 5.2-5592.2 thread, but seeing that it's not specific to that version I wanted to post in a separate thread to hopefully get some help. I'd really like to get the latest version of XPEnology running and I'm hoping that others who have encountered this issue were able to resolve it.


When attempting to install a XPEnoboot boot image (5.1 or 5.2), I get to the initial selection screen, select install/upgrade, and then I see the "zlimage ... ok" message and then my screen goes blank and nothing happens. I've tried all XPEnoboot versions and this occurs. I've also tried various flash drives.


I can install the Nanoboot DSM-5.0-4528 DS3612xs image and accompanying PAT without issue. This version is currently running on my system.


Any ideas why the XPEnoboot versions will not install? Are there any tests I can run to find out why or tweaks I can make to get it going.



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I had this issue when using an external graphics card. So long as you are using the onboard, it should be fine. On a bare-metal install, once you've selected the "upgrade/install" option, you should see a whole mess of command lines pop up, and then stop at "Disk Station Login" at which point you should be able to use the Synology assistant to detect the device and install through your PC's web browser.

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try resetting the bios to 'safe defaults' (or whatever the option is for that)


also, try

disabling all unnecessary peripherals (serial/parallel ports, audio etc)

set the HDD emulation to IDE

various USB settings for emulate HDD/legacy etc

disable the internal NIC and try an add in card (intel?) if you have one


look at your DHCP server to see if its giving an IP address to the NIC (internal or not)

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Thanks for all the suggestions sbv3000.


I think I've attempted everything without success.


Ultimately, it looks like the process just stops after selecting install/upgrade.


I think it's time to move to another O/S which is unfortunate. Something in the noboot image is preventing the installation.


I did successfully install 5.2 with ESXI but I do not want to take that route as the free version of ESXI is limiting my CPU.

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So seeing that I'm not a fan of a couple other O/Ses I've given this another try.


After cleaning/repartioning my USB drives, I was able to install with the 5.1 xpenoboot image with my external graphics card (no onboard graphics).


But not any 5.2 images.


So there's that. :smile:

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To sum up external graphics = blank screen and onboard graphic = good ?


If so It seems to me that the kernel is missing some part for display support.


Is there anything I could try/do with the img/iso to make 5.2 work?


Unfortunately no. The dev team have recompil kernel with more graphics support.

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Does that mean an updated image is upcoming?


Also, seeing that 5.1 does work for me, does it ultimately mean that whatever was included in 5.1, was removed in 5.2?


Thanks Trantor.


When Synology release DSM 5.2 they update the linux kernel to 3.10.35 so every parameters have to be set again and kernel have to be patched and recompiled.

I plan to make a thread with a todo list so the dev team know what to fix/update.

I hope this will help this project to go forward :smile:

No idea about an upcoming release.

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I just tried an old computer with an asus a8n-e and nvidia 8400gs.

No blank screen issue.

Did you tried to boot in debug mode ?


In DSM 5.1 use lspci -qk command to show informations about pci.

If lspci command is not present boot a linux livecd like ubuntu and use lspci -qk


In 5.2 with the 8400GS I have:

DiskStation> lspci -qk
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G86 [GeForce 8400 GS] (rev a1)
       Subsystem: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd Device 3463

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Did you try to add nomodeset parameter to grub ?


When booting press tab to edit the boot command line:

edit : APPEND root=/dev/md0 ihd_num=0 netif_num=4 syno_hw_version=DS3615xs sn=B3J4N01003 vid=0x0EA0 pid=0x2168 loglevel=0 vga=0x305

to : APPEND root=/dev/md0 ihd_num=0 netif_num=4 syno_hw_version=DS3615xs sn=B3J4N01003 vid=0x0EA0 pid=0x2168 loglevel=0 nomodeset


You can also edit syslinux.cfg

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