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  1. I just disabled a bunch of stuff in BIOS so now with Debug I get to the below before stopping: .........pci ........ can't assign to (size 0x20) .........pci ........ trying firmware assignment [io 0x0020-0x003f] So something is causing it to stop but I'm not sure what yet.
  2. Just an edit on my debug run. The code runs with a black screen. Then it flips to green and stops at the following (adding a few more lines with the first being ".. could not be reserved") [ 5.348859] system 00:06: [mem 0xfed1c000-0xfed3ffff] could not be reserved [ 5.349002] system 00:06: [mem 0xfed45000-0xfed8bfff] has been reserved [ 5.349304] system 00:06: [mem 0xff000000-0xffffffff] has been reserved [ 5.349527] system 00:06: [mem 0xfee00000-0xfeefffff] has been reserved [ 5.349741] system 00:06: [mem 0xfed12000-0xfed1200f] has been reserved [ 5.354485] sy
  3. Did yours boot to the DiskStation login prompt (it went past booting to kernel)? Thanks.
  4. The cursor is blinking (and the screen flips from black to green) but nothing is found in Synology assistant. I ran debug as well and it stops at: [ 5.354485] system 00:06: [mem 0xfed12010-0xfed1201f] has been reserved The debug process seems to sop at that point.
  5. With nomodeset I now get: Loading /zImage... ok early console in dcompress_kernel Decompressing Linux... Parsing ELF... done. Booting the kernel. And it stops there.
  6. In 5.1 with the lspci -qk command I get the following: 03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 8400 GS Rev. 3] (rev a2) Subsystem: eVga.com. Corp. Device 1302 I can't debug in 5.2 as I still get a blank screen.
  7. Does that mean an updated image is upcoming? Also, seeing that 5.1 does work for me, does it ultimately mean that whatever was included in 5.1, was removed in 5.2? Thanks Trantor.
  8. Is there anything I could try/do with the img/iso to make 5.2 work?
  9. Edit to my post above. 5.1 worked with my external graphics card. I have no internal.
  10. So seeing that I'm not a fan of a couple other O/Ses I've given this another try. After cleaning/repartioning my USB drives, I was able to install with the 5.1 xpenoboot image with my external graphics card (no onboard graphics). But not any 5.2 images. So there's that.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions sbv3000. I think I've attempted everything without success. Ultimately, it looks like the process just stops after selecting install/upgrade. I think it's time to move to another O/S which is unfortunate. Something in the noboot image is preventing the installation. I did successfully install 5.2 with ESXI but I do not want to take that route as the free version of ESXI is limiting my CPU.
  12. Tried everything I could in the BIOS, still no luck. Could the onboard NIC really be the issue (I don't have an external lying around)? Again, nanoboot images work without a problem and I can get DSM 5.0 installed.
  13. No luck with a monitor-less install attempt. Nothing is being found with Synology assistant. I'm pretty sure I've got my keyboard timing's right without the monitor (after some practice). So even with my video card removed, I can't install.