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Stuck in Hell System wants to Recover but I want start over



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48 minutes ago, Onknight said:

using Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN): to wipe the drives 

Then I'll do a Reinstall


there is a 2nd option in the grub menu for this, should bring you to a reinstall with factory defaults, "DS3615xs 6.2 Baremetal with Jun's Mod v1.03b Reinstall"


also you would not need to wipe the whole drive, just the partition table would be enough and if you want to keep your data on the data volume it should be enough to remove the 1st partition on every drive

the only thing from dsm an the loader is the kernel of the dsm version you had installed (6.2.0 on the original loader, the files are zImage and rd.gz)

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depends on your experience, win10's gui tool can be picky about removing partitions and diskpart (cmd) is not so easy to handle (if never used before)

linux is fine, cfdisk is easier to handle then just fdisk

you could use GParted when you use "startx" after boot with "SystemRescue" (bootable from usb)


its pretty straight forward with a gui, delete partitonts click apply and thats it


on windows

MiniTool Partiton Wizard Free - its easy to use as its more graphical, https://www.partitionwizard.com/

i often use dmde (https://dmde.com), more recovery tool but can be used for that too in the free version


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There is no need to wipe the drives completely. 
Only partition table must be cleared.
It can be done easily from on linux with GParted or on windows10 with diskpart console tool.

If after installation you landing constantly in recovery mode it may be caused by faulty drive.
I had identical problem. I was struggling to install Xpenology and was thnking there is something wrong with bootloader, whilst the real cause was faulty HDD.
I had bad sectors and after NAS could not boot from hard drive.
So my suggestion is to try another drive. 

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11 hours ago, Onknight said:

I can't get it to go I deleted the pations with G-parted but  once get into Bootloader

I reinstall the OS  it puts me back into Recovery mode


1. dont use fixed ip when installing, leave it to dhcp for installing

2. use original loader (with kernel 6.2.0 on it) and isntall 6.2.(0) aka v23739

3. install on another system and after installing trnasfer usb and disk(s) to the one aou want to use

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