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Testing a new version of Xpenology


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I have had a server running for almost a year perfectly and it still is. I want to be sure I do this correctly so I don't destroy my server. would this be the correct procedure if I want to try the latest version of Xpenology on my server. Pull all the drives out of my server and put in just one extra drive that I haven't used on the server to test  receive the upgrade . If all seems ok do I just put the original drives back in  and boot up and then do the update with those drives installed. I have been putting off updating for a long time and in reality I really don't need to do this. More of a want to. Any advice appreciated. Hope that all made sense.

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That is typically recommended way of doing it if really unsure if newer version will support your hardware. I think there were times i'd take a spare hdd, install the version i was then currently on and tried the upgrade process, if it worked then i tried it on my live system.

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