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  1. May have found the issue, noticed the UniFi container in my docker was sitting at a whopping 2.5GB Ram usage. I set a limit to 512MB. Will take 8-10 days to see if it is indeed the issue and wether it won’t mess it up.
  2. Just rebooted, same screenshots
  3. I'm just lost for words...
  4. It seems like its still an ongoing problem, ive tried stopping apps like plex, VMM, and memory usage stays high, yes I could reboot and problem will be fixed but something is causing it and not sure where to start looking.. System is running 6.2.2 U4 and has 16GB ram installed.
  5. As the title mentions, can I use SAS drives? considering I already have a mix of sata drives in operation, mostly running off a lsi-9211-8i it mode.
  6. I get what is being laid down here, but I've already got a 16x hdd hotswap rackmount case, but theres a ridiculous amount of room inside, i've seen some where people just populate a row of hdds on the inside standing up in the case. But this is where im trying to figure out how to I add more hdd's with my existing lsi card.
  7. This is what I would get? I guess take a 8087 to 8088 cable to feed the 9211-8i to this card and then i have 8 more 8087 ports?? Why the need for PCI-e again? I only have 1 16x pci-e slot which is used by the lsi card.
  8. Are you able to share an example? I've read the site, i've google "SAS expander" but that just lead to different type of sas cards. My question was how does one use a 9211-8i card which only has 2 8087 ports and be able to accommodate 24 or more hard drives?
  9. I know this is a old post, but how it the world do you get 24 hdd's on one 9211-8i card?!?!?! I have one of these cards and i was under the impression 8 was the max?
  10. merve04


    or another option thats in my mind, I run a second instance of DSM in a VMM at the moment for addtional security cameras, I'd use it, but I've never come to figure out how it could access my volume 1 folders as my VMM is installed a volume 2 of dsm.
  11. merve04


    The downfall of using torrent clients is the lost ability of using download stations app for remote access.
  12. merve04


    I agree with protecting torrents, which i use download station for that, but with sab i can establish a ssl connection for usenet downloads, so its irrelevant having a vpn on to just be killing my download speed.
  13. merve04


    I dont know if this is possible, I've recently got into using usenet, so im using a combination of sonarr\sabnzbd. Is there a way to exclude sabnzbd from connecting behind my VPN?
  14. je catch pas comment t'as pas en besoin d'un pour installer un DSM VM
  15. I read the post in the forum you sent, seems as though you were running plex via docker, i run it natively on syno. I did go a head and uninstall plex, reboot and reinstall lastest plex, system has been on for several hours and seems to be stable at 31% ram usage. Fingers crossed it was only that.