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  1. I find this strange, i used TC and did a test run building a dva3221 loader using the serial generator provided by RP, and i had 8 licenses no problem and never blocked the internet from the device. I have decided to stay on my 918 build on 6.2.3 for now as theres no work around to get hw transcoding to work with this loader or an ability to run more than 2 cameras in dsm7 with 918\920 loaders
  2. Its to my knowledge though that even 3622 does not support quicksync either.
  3. As much as I can appreciate you and other dedicating time and effort in trying to make things work, its a let down seeing posts revolving models in question to activate quicksync and then told its not possible.
  4. I dont know what im doing then, I downloaded the missing files from that linux site and put them in /usr/lib/fimrware/i915 and copied all the other files with the new rm\in files in a tmp folder, tried to excute it, no dice, rebooted too and such.. root@Xpenology:/usr/lib/firmware/tmp# sudo ./ rmmod: ERROR: Module i915 is not currently loaded rmmod: ERROR: Module video is not currently loaded rmmod: ERROR: Module backlight is not currently loaded rmmod: ERROR: Module button is not currently loaded rmmod: ERROR: Module iosf_mbi is not currently loaded rmmod: E
  5. I've downloaded the file, but where should i place these afterwards? which .config file needs updating? Thanks in advance
  6. Is it possible to port dev/dri to this build? would like to be able to use quicksync for plex.
  7. Is it possible to install\use tcrp with synology's vmm app? I know theres several images for install 6.2.x based on jun's loader.
  8. What source do you have proving this? I believe its still an Intel Xeon D-1531
  9. I sucessfully got a DVA3221 loader working, tested a few cameras all is good even with no presence of a nvidia card installed. I setup plex, i do have plexpass, but when i force a video in transcoding, im not getting hw and cpu usage is through the roof of course. Does this model not support it?
  10. Does DVA3221 loader play nice with plex for hardware transcoding? Also I don’t have a dedicated GPU, just whatever is in a i5-8400. I’m just interested in the fact SS will allow 8 cameras.
  11. bon jai reussi a install dsm 7, jai changer le parametre at "1" for satamap, normale? bon jai change la valeur a un 6 puis sa boot normale la, jai brancher un deuxieme disque dur puis dsm le voit bien. Je me demande comment bien je pourai migrer mon serveur present avec 10 disque dur, sur mon serveur jai 6 port sa carte mere puis 2 carte jmb585
  12. Bon jai faite les modifcations dans user_config.json, ensuite jai lancer la derniere etape de faire le build, redemarrer, quand synology a decovert le dsm, les parametre du ficher son rester en place. Jai toujour le meme probleme, mais un peut different, maintenant sa me dit: ereur trouve sur disque dur 1,3,4,5,6 et les port sata son desactiver, eteindre la machine etc etc. jai seulment que un disque dur brancher car je fait un test avant de metre a jour mon serveur.
  13. bon quand je fait des changements dans user_config.json, les changements ne tien pas. c'est quois que je fait pas de bien? vi user_config.json je utilise les fleches pour rendre aux endroit pour faire des modifications japuis sur "i" je change les numero, ensuite japuis sur esc ensuite je fait :wq redemarre
  14. Bonsoir, jai bien reussi a cree une cle usb pour dsm 7 mais quand je boot, dsm me present un ereur avec disque dur 11,13,14,15? ma carte mere a seulment que 6 port sata, aucun controlleur suplementaire. Jai modifier le fichier user_config.json et changer la valeur sata de "58" a "6", quand je redemarre de nouveau, meme ereur. quelquun a des indices pour maider avec ce proleme? Merci