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  1. Is there any sort of framework in place for a pre compiled loader to test with?
  2. what i do is use VMM, install another instance of Xpenology using a unique SN and mac for as many instances you need. This will give you 2 more cameras for every install. I then use CMS to link all cameras together and I also point all my virtual surveillance stations to the same hard drive for recordings using CIFS protocol. Works flawless
  3. What?!?! Are you trying to say the DS3617xs has quicksync? or your just listing desired features that apply to one or the other?
  4. Do rackstations even support intel quicksync for hw transcoding?
  5. Hi everyone, Ive been trying to figure out an ongoing issue in regards to i\o transfer rates or even local downloading via newsgroups on my xpeno rig. I just want to point out that I'm running 8th gen i5, 32GB DDR4 ram and 8x12TB exos x16 in shr2, baremetal, 6.2.3u3. I cant see it being hardware bottleneck but who knows. I've done some compares with using sabnzbd on xpenology and my desktop machine, both using same servers, same amount of connections, same nzb file. On the xpeno i get a very steady 75-78MB\s but on my desktop machine i get a steady 105-106MB\s. The same sor
  6. I bought 8 12TB exos drives for $260CAD a piece in beginning of march, i recall they went down to $250 which I thought to myself if i should get couple more. Then everything ran dry. I saw some stock pop up couple weeks ago going for $285, all gone again. I'm not in desperation for more storage yet but its nearly impossible to get my hands on more if i wanted too or if i venture out to different outlets for the same drive its easily 40% more expensive.
  7. What do you required HW transcoding for? Plex? If so, you need to update extra\extra2 files if your running 6.2.3 I also use a b365 board from gigabyte and works quite nice as well.
  8. update to 6.2.4 likely wont happen but i could be wrong. I would expect more effort is being or will be put into 7.0
  9. Il y a plusieurs facteurs a verifier ici, premierment, quelle version du loader utilise tu? I'll est fort probable que tu devrais utiliser 1.03 et 3615xs. Avez vous bien inscrit le pid\vid dans le fichier grub avant de le flasher a votre cle usb? Aussi il est possible que vous devrie changez le fichier "extra" sur le cle USB pour supporter ta carte reseau.
  10. tu peux toujours installer 6.2.3 update 3 manuellement si vous le souhaitez. Il fonctione tres bien.
  11. Bon ma solution n'est pas valide. Je ne suis pas 100% mais est ce que le probleme peut etre parce que tu roule en raid6. Estce que vous etier en raid5 avant lajous du 7ieme disque? Je roule avec shr-2, jai toujours utiliser shr-x sans probleme daugmentation du volume.
  12. Bonjour, une fois que le disque est ajouter aux groupe raid, vas dans volume, click the bouton configurer, et choisi configure, au bas de lecran tu peut configurer la taile avec l'espace disponisble.
  13. My volume was at 99% full, had like 450GB remaining. I inserted all 6x12TB drives from original built plus 2 additional 12TB in my permanent server, started the expansion with both drives selected, took 56h to complete. There was no need to offload any data.
  14. Not sure if a speed test proves my nic\network is working fine??
  15. I tried looking around if perhaps someone had an issue like me, and seems like the suggestion made to that user was probably not valid as it was about changing MTU settings. So here's my issue, when I download anything really from my xpeno server, I fully saturate my connection (1Gbps), but on the upload side of things I only seem to hit 500Mbps ish. I did some benchmarking of my cpu\drives admin@DiskStation:/$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 | md5sum 1024+0 records in 1024+0 records out 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 1.50616 s, 713 MB/s cd573cfaace07e7949bc0c