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  1. Just thought I'd give an update, so after the expansion of the 8TB was completed, i rebooted system, and under volumes, configure was now available and was able to max the amount of free space from the storage pool. All 40TB now available and slowly filling up
  2. Ok I’m a little bit of a novice when it comes to Linux stuff but not afraid to follow a tutorial. I will wait till the 8TB is finished being added to the pool and see what the end result is then. If new storage is still not being added correctly, I will try and gather some info from your commands first and report back with some screen grabs. thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes 100% it was done, cat proc/mdstat showed everything operating as normal, nothing in progress or delayed. The storage pool I expanded only has 1 volume created in it. As mentioned, I’ve now started expanding the same pool with a 8TB now, will take a bit of time as there’s 2 stripes to expand this time. I use ext4. Would your command be as easy as replacing “btrfs” with ext4 in place?
  4. So I'm confused as to why I haven't seen an increase to my volume. Im running SHR-2, I had 4x 8TB and 4x 4TB drives, which resulted in 29TB, I then expanded with a 4TB and DSM estimated 32TB after completion. The storage pool does indeed state 32.72TB in size, 3.63TB available, but under volume, there's no option to add\configure the extra capacity, only create a new volume. I've now added a 8TB, so once again its expanding and estimates 40TB once completed. Any advice?
  5. So I have gigabit, when I use download Station, no VPN, I tend to hit 40-60MBps, with my VPN on (ExpressVPN) 20-25MBp. On my desktop, when I run Speedtest, I hit 940-960Mbps both directions, but even downloading from the very best servers like Microsoft for example, 70-80MBps max not sure why nas is slow like that, could it be HDD writing speed? I would think it can handle more than 60MBps?
  6. It finally finished at about 1068 hours. It was an extremely slow process avg 1200-1500kbps. im now expanding my volume with couple hard drives, first one in and at roughly 25% after 8 hours.
  7. If i go in my control panel, under network, general tab, (this applies when my VPN is connected) my default gateway is the VPN, followed by my local network, advance settings, both options are checked on. In regards to the settings of my VPN, theres 4 check mark boxes available, i use the first, second and fourth.
  8. Free tends to be unreliable, I think most that use VPN's may recommend NordVPN or ExpressVPN.
  9. Very strange. I’ve used ExpressVPN in my synology for over a year, no issue. Maybe delete your VPN profile, uninstall download station and try to reconfigure.
  10. Currently have LSI 9211-8i + sata onboard sata ports. Looking to expand, unfortunately I didnt know about the 9201-16i at the time as perhaps i would of plunged for that card. Also I only have 1 16x pcie port. I do have a couple 1x and 1 4x slot. I came across a LSI 9211-4i, I'd assume its the same as my current card, just one sas port. Or are run of the mill 2port\4port sata cards good enough?
  11. It is actually not necessary to use your hardware MAC address. In my case I use a legit SN and MAC of a real 918+ and works just fine.
  12. Well 393 hours, first array is complete, now the 2nd and last one is processing, estimated 15-17 days probably before its completed.
  13. When I was still SHR-1, i had 3x 8TB and 4x 4TB, 1 volume just over 29TB I added a new 8TB to start the processed to SHR-2, once completed will be adding another 4TB and 8TB. I've added plenty of data to my volume, maybe +500GB since I started the process of changing to SHR-2, my question was, what happens to the new data added to the volume while a migration is happening? Is the new data being written to the volume including double parity? Forgot to mention, heck ya when I add huge batches of data, it kills the speed of the resync, just checked, downloading a bunch of movies at 30-40MB\s and my resync is down in the 500kbps range, usually if traffic is light its in the high 2000 to low 3000kbps