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  1. My volume was at 99% full, had like 450GB remaining. I inserted all 6x12TB drives from original built plus 2 additional 12TB in my permanent server, started the expansion with both drives selected, took 56h to complete. There was no need to offload any data.
  2. Not sure if a speed test proves my nic\network is working fine??
  3. I tried looking around if perhaps someone had an issue like me, and seems like the suggestion made to that user was probably not valid as it was about changing MTU settings. So here's my issue, when I download anything really from my xpeno server, I fully saturate my connection (1Gbps), but on the upload side of things I only seem to hit 500Mbps ish. I did some benchmarking of my cpu\drives admin@DiskStation:/$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1024 | md5sum 1024+0 records in 1024+0 records out 1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 1.50616 s, 713 MB/s cd573cfaace07e7949bc0c
  4. I assembled a shr-2 with 6x 12TB drives to start as the temp mobo only had 6 satas. Transferred all my data which left me with about the 500GB space free, hence the earlier questions. Now I've moved my drives to the permanent server with the addition of 2 more 12TB drives. Shockingly, when i initiated the expand, it prompt the 2 additional drives, and final calculation of array size was 65.46TB up from 43.64TB. I thought expansions only happened 1 drive at a time, bonus if it does this all in one shot though. When i look at resource monitor, under disk, i can see disk 1-6 are reading and
  5. Whats the fastest kbps speed you've seen xpenology expand a volume at?
  6. I mean i estimate i will have between 300~400GB available once transfer is done and can begin expanding. Hopefully thats enough for btrfs?
  7. Thanks for the info, as you mentioned I also looked on synologys site but couldn't find anything that said i cant. It just would seem unusual why someone would wait till they have merely a few gigs left before doing an expansion and didn't want to be in a position where it wouldn't work.
  8. Is there a fill limit the volume can be at before expanding doesn’t work. Example, if volume is 99% full can I expand?
  9. The best you might be able to accomplish is run xpenology in virtualbox within macos
  10. Quick question, maybe someone who uses this card knows or can confirm; I’m planning a rebuild of my array with exos x16 drives and since they’re 4Kn, is this card capable of reading 4K sectors? Or will I be limited to 512e? thanks
  11. merve04

    Erreurs Checksum

    Alor hier j’avais décidé de commencer un smart test sur le dernier disque dur que j’ai ajouté au system. Plus de 30 heures plus tard, le test était geler at 60%, mon system était virtuellement non accessible, incapable de redémarrer dsm du menu, il y a fallu que je manuellement redémarre la machine. DSM fonctionne normal maintenant mais un scrub est en processus. J’ai aussi remarqué que un de mais disque dur que la lumière d’activité étai allumé solide. Tant que le scrub n’est pas terminé, je ne peux pas vérifie quel disque dur est-ce t’il. J’ai pris quelque screenshot du disque que je fa
  12. merve04

    Erreurs Checksum

    J’imagine que je doit fournir le rapport smart de tous les disque dur?
  13. merve04

    Erreurs Checksum

    Ou se trouve t’il ce rapport?
  14. merve04

    Erreurs Checksum

    Merci pour votre réponse, j’ai présentement 13 disque dur puis tous indique normale pour le « health » et le « SMART » faudrait tu que je fait un test prolongé pour chacun des disques dures? Car le test rapide detect aucun erreur.