Possible new AMD based DS1621+

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looks like they got tired of waiting for new intel soc's


4x1GbE?, just syno's crap, that soc has a 2x10Gb interface support

it's syno family is"v1000" (same as amd's name for the soc class), nothing in 6.2.2 kernel source or tool chain we have from synology

would be nice to see 6.2.3 or 7.0 kernel source, tool chain and toolkit

(btw. in september synology added geminilake 6.2.2 source to its gpl source repository, not that we could make much out of this, only useful might be the new i915 driver they added for geminilake but we already have that driver in 918+ with dsm 6.2.3)


there is also a new ds1621+ 6.2.3 *.pat file from 9/2020 in synologys repository (includes the u2 updates already) - so its not a "possible" anymore its already in release

will be interesting if they will address hardware transcoding in videostation with that soc (i guess no intel qsv support)

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