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LAN & WAN Setup.


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Hi all,


I have an N54L Microserver directly running Xpenology 5. All is well and I love it but I need some help with Network/Wi-Fi configuration.


The single Ethernet port is connected to my work LAN (192.168.88.x) so I can use the company AD users and Groups, again working well but as I have no access to the company router, I cannot open ports for remote access. So my solution... I have added a compatible USB Wi-Fi dongle to the N54L and connected it to a separate (test) router and broadband (192.168.1.X) in the hope that I can gain remote access that way. I have manually opened port 5000, the outside IP is known and static but I still cannot connect remotely. I can however access DSM on either network internally!


Anyone have any suggestions or am I fighting the impossible?





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What service provider are you using as your alternative connection? If you're using a mobile ISP then you are probably stuck behind their NAT layer which you also have no control over, so routing to the NAS is not going to happen.


One way that may help would be to use something like NeoRouter (Hamachi like VLan/VPN). I haven't tried using it to work round your type of situation but there maybe away? I think you would need to run the NR Server on an external machine that's always on and then remote into a machine within your local network.


There is a NR version called in-a-box which will run on a router with a supported firmware (tomato for example). If you have an alternative location running a supported router that would be a cool always on server solution.


If you're not stuck behind a mobile ISP's NAT layer NR server maybe a solution if you ran it on your local router (if supported) or an always on machine within your local network.


Unfortunately there is no NR package available for Synology devices as yet - although it should be possible for someone with the skills to create one. I think there would be a lot of Synology users that would make use of it if it were available.




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Hi - thanks for the response.


It is a standard BT line via a Technicolour router and I don't think there are any issues there. If I swap the connections round (i.e. LAN on wireless / Broadband on ethernet) I can get remote access but then cant join the LAN domain via Wifi. It's as though wifi has limited capabilities on Expenology. If I run router setup then it only finds the router attached by ethernet.


It all worked on a QNAP box but I might be flogging a dead horse on Synology :sad:

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