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Hi Guys,


I'am planning to make a XPenology on this particular hardware (need Plex transcoding, 4 disk, low consumption). Kind of benjistark has.


Box: Fractal Design NODE 304

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-H97N-WIFI

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-4130T 2.9GHz

RAM: 4G DDR3 1600


My question is as it should not consume that much, Can I use a power supply like Seasonic G-360 80PLUS Gold ?


Also for this MB:

- Can we use an invisible USB module to boot? Like this, I will not use an external USB port.

- Do we need a USB 3 or USB 2 should be enough to boot?



Thanks for your help.

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360W is way more than enough for that system.


A typical 5900rpm drive uses about 20 watts at initial power up, then only about 4-5 watts for reads and writes. You're cpu is only 35 watts, and that is at full load.


My current systems uses 4 x 3TB WD Reds, 1 x 4 seagate, and an i7 3770T (45W)... all on a 120W power brick. The key for my system is staggered powerup of the hard drives.

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Checkout my signature. Your system is overkill. You don't need that CPU. Get a low power CPU! Most of the people around don't think that this system should and is running 24/7/365. It uses a lot of power!!


Get an embedded x86_64 CPU and 2GB RAM and it will worth it!



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Seems working nicely.


Here is my new nas :


Fractal Design NODE 304

Gygabyte GA-H97N-Wifi

ocz vertex 4 512go

3 WD red 4TO

Seasonic G-450


Half device have been bought in second hand and I have got lucky for some device, the guy wanted to sell quickly [emoji4]


Anyway I will follow the guide of one of the guy here to run exsi + virtual machines on ssd + data store on we red.


I should start middle of next week. By the way should I downloade latest nanoboot updated and dsm updated avaliable or should I take the main image and then update to the latest one?

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Should receive my MB this week and will go to install it. I will do a mix of the two guide:


[Guide] Up and running with ESXI and XPEenology: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3564


[Guide] Installing Synology DSM on Non Synology Hardware - Interactive Guide (ESXI method)

http://cyanlabs.net/Thread-Installing-S ... tive-Guide


All I want is:

* Booting ESXI on USB Stick 16Go

* SSD 512Go for storing virtual machines (Xpenology, mac os x)

* 3 x WD RED 4To for data-drive


I have downloaded ESXI 5.5 update 1 (latest available).


Regarding the data-drive, as far as i know is we need to create RDM (Raw Device Mapping) for these 3 WD Red before adding them on Xpenology. May I right ?

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Hi mate,

RDM is doing a passthrough on the disks to the DSM (as Virtual Machine)


The advantage is that you can take the HDDs and move them to another system (Hypervisor or physical) and you will have the same data and everything (with little effort) will be the same.


The disadvantage is that SMART will be managed by the Hypervisor and not by DSM.

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The GA-H77N-WIFI has two nic, the Atheros AR8161 and Intel I217-V. EXSI does not have these drivers and need to be added with ESXI customizer.


I followed:

http://www.techygeekshome.co.uk/2014/04 ... ivers.html

and https://communities.vmware.com/thread/4 ... 0&tstart=0


The drivers are net-alx- and net-e1000e-2.3.2.x86_64.vib


NB: I added one by one.

NB2: ESXI will ask you to update the NIC intel I217-V.


To be continued... :smile:

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