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  1. Hi, there is no obvious question It did not boot from another disk because i did not touch it. Furthermore, when unattach the new disk it starts nicely again. Anyway, I plug the new disk to my laptop. Have a look and put back on the ESXI. I also replace SATA cable and voilà ! It starts with the new disk ! I am reparing the raid..It should be fine now. Thanks anyway
  2. Hi there, I have an issue when trying to add a new disk (from rma). As usual, after receiving it, i create vmdk from esxi #vmkfstools -z /vmfs/devices/disks/t10.ATA_____WDC_WD40EFRX2D68N32N0_________________________WD2DWCC7K5NPxxxx /vmfs/vo lumes/SSD_dataStore/RDM/4To_WD2DWCC7K5xxxx.vmd I added an existing hard disk from the vm. When i start,i have nothing (no ssh, no ping, no web access). Event after 20 minutes If I delete the new disk, everything is working fine. Unfortunately, I seems no recording solething on the log. I attach the log here Not sure to help but the
  3. Hi guys, I have my xpenology DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4 running on ESXI 5.x with 3 disks in a LUN (RDM). After some manual reboot (xpenology and esxi), the xpenology does not want to power on. The log en ESXi said: This disk still exist "...T0N0.vmdk": When i check on the Xpenology configuration, the disk 2 seems NOT to be part of the LUN. The disk 3 and 4 are in a LUN. I have deleted it and try to re add but esxi does not recognize the file "4To_WD40EFRX2D68WT0N0.vmdk". Anyway, the disk is deleted and i could boot up in a degraded volume I will check this disk on t
  4. Bonjour, J'ai 3 disques durs (1 de 250Go, et 2 de 2To). Très honnêtement je ne m'en rappelle plus^^ mais j'ai du mettre la conf SATA en AHCI je crois. Le RAID du DSM est directement gérer par DSM car mes disques sont reliés en RDM d'un point de vue VMWare. Pareil pour moi, je l'ai ai mis en rdm. Par contre, je n'ai pas encore changé l'adresse mac. Est-ce nécessaire ? Quel serait l'utilité à part utiliser le service Quick connect? Envoyé de mon SM-N910F en utilisant Tapatalk
  5. Bonsoir, Je suppose que vous attaquez les vm seulement via vsphere client ? Pas de possibilité d'avoir un écran+clavier +souris pour chaque vm ? Je n'ai pas encore osé de m'aventurer sur ce terrain car très peu de retour... Envoyé de mon SM-N910F en utilisant Tapatalk
  6. Hey I replaced my I3 4340 to I5-4570T. I have the feature VT-D and I can see devices available to direct patch. One of my friend (vmware expert) said RDM is useless for recent esxi. I Will remove my config according to this advice. Envoyé depuis mon Nexus 7 avec Tapatalk
  7. Damn it, my processor Intel I3 4340 does not support the VT-d !??
  8. Hi, Check again the BIOS, i do not see the VT-d option which is supposed to display right under the Intel Virtualization Technology. Probably the reason on ESXI, the DirectPath is not supported. My BIOS is on the lastest one (F4). Someone can confirm he has the option VT-d ??
  9. Hi / salut, It should work but not tried yet. I have found this guide for gamers. For us that need less performance, it should be fine ... Setup-564/ Passthrough USB ... vices.html
  10. Hi, Glad you took same hardware I have configured the RDM with the vmkfstools tool. Xpenology should manage directly the disk. Weirdly, i have checked the advanced settings and see the pass through is not supported too... How can we confirm xpenology have all access to the disk? On Storage tab, I can not test the SMART of my disks :s
  11. Ca marche avec DSM_DS3612xs_4493.pat.
  12. Up. J'ai le même souci lors de l'install de Xpenology, je bloque à 56%. J'ai utilisé NB_x64_5032_DSM_50-4528_Xpenology_nl et DSM_DS3612xs_4528.pat
  13. As you know I want to run esxi and xpenology, Mac OS, Windows as virtual. To have access to the screen of the mac os for sample, I can specify one particular video output like DVI? To want to have access one vm via screen, keyboard and mouse only.
  14. Hey, The GA-H77N-WIFI has two nic, the Atheros AR8161 and Intel I217-V. EXSI does not have these drivers and need to be added with ESXI customizer. I followed: ... ivers.html and ... 0&tstart=0 The drivers are net-alx- and net-e1000e-2.3.2.x86_64.vib NB: I added one by one. NB2: ESXI will ask you to update the NIC intel I217-V. To be continued...
  15. Erh after booting on the usb, esxi says it does not recognized the network adapter.. I tried both ports on the MB. Any idea ? Envoyé depuis mon Nexus 7 avec Tapatalk