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Update DSM from 5.0 4493 to 5.1


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Hi to all,

I have installed my DSM 4493 update 7 on my ASRock AD2550R/U3S3.

Yesterday I look on control pannel and I've found an update(update to 5.1 DSM).

I just want to know if it is Possible to update xpenology DSM from 5.0 4493 upd 7 to 5.1 without losing any configuration and without losing my data.

Thanks to all



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Are you saying "No" because you tried but was unable to, or because you saw the update was not Serious or Critical, and therefor didn't try?


I'm saying No because 5.1 currently unmounts the data volume & therefore isn't usable at present.

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This is off/topic but... Concerning the AD2550R/U3S3, is everything working? Usb too?


I used an Asrock Q2900-ITX and the USB are not working, but I saw the Q1900-ITX had the issue reportedly solved by a bios update unavailable on the Q2900-ITX; so I wondered what was your experience with your AD2550R/U3S3 before I go and buy it.




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