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    > "auto" to "Enable". Will try that. Thanks. Otherwise, any actual experience with the topic board, the AD2550R/U3S3 ?
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    Hi I am running my xpeno on an Asrock Q2900-ITX but the absence of USB is an inconvenience. I read that for the Q1900-ITX the bios update solves this, but there is no bios update that clearly "improves USB compatibility" on the 2900. So I am considering making a mediacenter with that config, and transfering my XPEno on a AD2550R/U3S3. Here is my question: can anyone confirm that all works well on the AD2550R/U3S3? Who has any experience to share? Thanks! SLEBLANC
  3. Hi This is off/topic but... Concerning the AD2550R/U3S3, is everything working? Usb too? I used an Asrock Q2900-ITX and the USB are not working, but I saw the Q1900-ITX had the issue reportedly solved by a bios update unavailable on the Q2900-ITX; so I wondered what was your experience with your AD2550R/U3S3 before I go and buy it. Thanks! SLEBLANC