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thanks for the quick answer :)


Maybe you can answer me another one.


I've severel times read that ppl were able to install DSM 6.2.2-24922 using an ASROCK J4105.

I have the same board but i'm not able to get it up running, always ends for me with the website were it says "your diskstation is being rebooted" and the timer runs out.


I have no clue what i am doing wrong, i only got DSM_DS918+_23739 to run.





Edit: An yes, i'm a noob.

What is meant with "custom extra.lzma: real3x mod" some ppl use it with J4105 and some not.

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What do you mean exactly with:

11 hours ago, premikkoci said:

You gotta modify synoboot.img

I've changed the SN, MAC, VID, PID and tried it with different extra.lzma.


11 hours ago, premikkoci said:

Just remember that hw acceleration doesn't work on 6.2.2. with gemini lakes.

Where can I turn off hardware acceleration?


Thanks for help.

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Hello premikkoci,

thanks for your tip, I got it to work now.


It's just curious that my screen is still showing:

"Screen will stop updating shortly, please open to continue."

Even after a reboot.


I miss the part from different tutorials where it shows also:

early console in decompress_kernel

Deceompressing Linux... Parinsg ELF... done.
Booting the kernel.

Do I need to worry?

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