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XPEnology on Avoton (Supermicro A1SAM-2750F) and LSI 9240-8i


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Hey folks,


I'm building myself a NAS system. I went with a 24 Bay 19" case a SAS-Expander and a LSI 9240-8i HBA, which will be used without Raid-Functionality.

As for board and CPU I'm using the Supermicro A1SAM-2750F with the Intel Avoton.


I nearly got all the parts but I'm still waiting for the memory modules. So I was wondering if I could install XPEnology on the box. Which release should I try first, where might I come accross Kernel/Driver issues?


thx + bye,


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I think it should work. I setup a similar system with the ASROCK Avoton 2750 CPU.






That board doesn't need a SAS expander as it has 12 SATA ports. I did order an LSI 9211-8i HBA however to test with. Only $120 new. Should be coming in in the next day or two.


I went with the 5.x beta build.

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I have the c25504di which is the four core version of the 2750 board above.


So to answer your questions...


Nanoboot = Works, nanoboot has the intel i210 drivers

Ethernet = Answered above. I have mine currently "teamed" together for a 2gb link with the other side connected via channel group to my cisco switch

Sata = Works. They recommend using the intel controller first then filling the other sata controllers for stability.

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i'm thinking to get the SUPERMICRO MBD-A1SRi-2758F-O. It's a bit faster than the C2750, and it uses the SoC's quad Gigabit ethernet.


Does anyone now if intel I354 driver is included in Nanoboot?


The intel I354 is supported in igb driver (since v5.0.5 released in august 2013).

I think the version included in nanaboot build is at least version 5.1.2 so it's ok :smile:



Guys, I'm really sorry for my absence and not answering your questions...

I'm building my house in few months and I'm currently buying the company where I work :grin:

So no time for XPEnology.... for now. I HOPE working again on this awesome project by the end on the year or maybe in early 2015.

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