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  1. This!! I also have another port forward for my bios so I can start up my motherboard if my nas is turned off. Your board would have to support it though...
  2. Which is why I have decided to stay on dsm 5. Everything works. Granted we don't get the latest updates but im ok with that. You could also try one of the other Sata controllers on board by using a different set of Sata ports. Each four from what I can remember have a different controller
  3. As wvh3 points out, pull your data off the jbod first then break it. If you break the jbod before pulling your data you will lose your data. Go with SHR next time around to give you some type of resiliency.
  4. For Max nics you can bond, in the Cisco world that would be up to 16, but only 8 would be active at any given time. The others in the channel group would be used as hot spares.
  5. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5203 If your using an asrock c2550 or c2750 others have had this issue...
  6. TungIT75 As to your questions for dsm 5.0 there is nothing special you need to set in bios, everything just works. As for WOL, I actually use impi built on board. It does so much more then just WOL and it's one of the reasons we bought this board, so I'm using it both locally and externally to turn on my machine. I use dsm to schedule when my nas turns on and off daily and impi to turn it on, on a as needed basis.
  7. Thanks danosimi for the link... I completely skimmed over it and I was on that one too! Here's a question for you, to get on 5.1, did you disable any sata controllers to get dsm 5.1 to work? Initially when I tried, I think like everyone else, you can start the process to install 5.1 but once it's done it hangs when it tries to boot. Guys seemed to disable one of the sata controllers and it seemed to work, but you lose 4 sata ports doing this! How do you have yours set? So to answer your original question I don't think anyone with this board on dsm5.1 has gone over 8 if they have disa
  8. I just checked the asrock site and don't see anything new that you mentioned... Do you have a link? I'm on the 2550 board but I'm not on the latest dsm as that required losing 4 sata ports that I'm not willing to disable. The previous dsm which I'm still on works fine which is why in still on it till the latest version works on our board
  9. Here you go... viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5203
  10. Yes, I tested this using two different machines (ips) pushing data at the same time to my (port channeled) NAS. All of my machines have a single nic (with the exception of my gaming pc) so the only way to exceed (a transfer of 120Mb) and verify this setup to my NAS was to use two machines at the same time (reached 170Mb). In my case, my main objective was to make sure my NAS had the throughput when asked... on a daily basis a single link is fine, and in those other times, it can push more then 110 ~120Mb when needed. EDIT: Found this post which basically reiterates what I just said (
  11. On a single 1Gb link I can manage around 110MB transfer and on a dual 1Gb channel group (2Gb link) I have managed around 170MB transfer rate. This is on my Cisco 2960G switch.
  12. I have just stayed on dsm5.0 since everything works nicely there. If there ever is a solution I'll swap over and donate.
  13. At least for me in DSM 5, power schedule works completely fine for me turning on and off at my scheduled times daily. WOL is not configured for me in DSM as I am using the ILO connection through my motherboard to turn on my nas at any time I want externally.
  14. I have decided to stay back on dsm 5.0 until this gets sorted out. I actually plan to use all my sata ports eventually. If there is a cleaner way around this, please post up.