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  1. http://i.imgur.com/CiEEuXf.png Disk 5 is the original drive that was removed by Synology after a power outage. Disk 3 is the drive crashing if I try to rebuild. Is it possible to clone Disk 3 to a new drive and replaced Disk 3 with the new cloned drive, then rebuild with Disk 5 again? Karl
  2. Hi, Good day! My volume went into degraded mode with 6x3TBs. Reason was one of the drive didnt boot probably I guess after a power outage. The drive is healthy though after another reboot, but the volume already removed it and entered degraded mode. So I re-added the drive and rebuilt the raid. Now one of the drives (not the one being added) crashes somewhere after 12hours due to bad sectors. I already remapped the bad sectors twice but still I cant finish rebuilding the raid. Any idea how to fix this? Or is my raid dead already? Karl
  3. Hi, Good day! My setup has been stuck on checking quota for quite some time now. This happened when we got a power interruption and one of the volume got degraded. One of the drives was removed from the volume, so I rebooted the server and hoping that it would be ok. The drive became OK but not a part of the volume anymore, so I repaired the volume and added the drive. Now another power interruption came and the server was not able to complete its task. Now the server is stuck on the checking quota status. Any body knows how to fix this? I also tried choosing the Install/Upgrade option bec
  4. Hi, Anybody here experiences this? When download or seeding torrents on utorrent this error will pop out of nowhere on some random torrents. My xpenology setup is different from the PC which my utorrent is on. Karl
  5. @xpeh great explanation. I never knew it was gonna work like that. I always though that it would be 1+1=2. Very disappointing on my end since I upgraded all my clients at home to 2gbps so I can transfer files faster. I just tried transferring the same file from 2 separate computers and it did use somewhere between 1-1.76gbps of the bonded nics and both of the clients where running 50% of the 2gbps which is 1gb.
  6. @andyf Nope my pc is @ 2gbps. You can view the 2nd screenshot. @b0fh At my 2nd screenshot you can see my pc's connection. Im at 2gbps. Im not expecting something very high but I can't n even maximize 1 connection from the 4gbps. I did try copying from 2 pcs. The transfer speed will drop somewhere near 50% when I did my testing. Those are 4 intel nic cards. The builtin realtek gbe is way faster than the 4gbps, I can transfer around 115mbps from that connection alone. My switch supports lacp. Both clients and the xpenology is using the same switch. Im also using 4 wd 3tb reds. @
  7. Hi, Anybody else experiencing slow transfer speed from bonded lan ports? I have 4 intel nic ports bonded together. Any thoughts on this? I am using the latest DSM version 5.2 5592 Update 2 Karl
  8. Im still on DSM 5.1-5022 Update 5. All of the 4 ports in my Xpenology isnt working together although the bond is created. I tried transferring files from xpen to my htpc (single nic) at 100-120mbps, then I transferred files from my main setup (2 nics @ 2gbps) at 3-4mbps. My current setup is basically just using the single nic in my xpenology setup.
  9. Anybody tried this? Does it make your network speed x2? I installed 2x Intel 2ports intel nics with link aggregation support. Setup the switch to accept link aggregation on specific ports. Now I bonded 4 ports on my xpenology setup. My transfer speed are between 60-80mbps. I was transferring around 90-120mbps before the bond and on the realtek lan port (builtin). Karl
  10. This is the actual error I get You cant use "Try again", you just have to press skip and copy-paste the file again. I am able to copy large amount of data if I am using my computer. But I still get the error after an hour, definitely more than if im copying from a VM. if I use a VM (windows 7) to copy paste files into the xpenology I would get that error within 10-20mins.
  11. Just to add something to this, im passing through an intel nic with lacp support. So both nics are configured as a link bond/dynamic link aggregation on the xpenology. I tried destroying the bond and let the nics run individually. After which I was able to transfer 300+ worth of data without problems (not ISOs). So before I went out, I again transfered the 2TB data (ISOs) and probably after 10-20mins it failed again. No data was actually transferred while I was away. Karl
  12. Hi, Im using xpenology on a ESXI 5.5. I have 4 WD 3TB Reds (RDM) on the xpenology. Im trying to copy 2terabytes (2.08TB) of ISOs (around 30-50GB each) from my other vm to xpenology. The transfer crashes after 1 iso is transferred or nothing at all. Do you guys experience this as well? Is there a solution for this? Karl
  13. I actually figured out the problem. After the DSM installation, the vm boots to the drive instead of the disc thats why im having the blank screen. After changing boot priorities in the bios, I was able to boot xpenology properly and configure it on my pc.
  14. thanks for the reply. But is there a guide on how to install this? or do i just copy paste it to a volume and run install open-vm-tools_bromolow-5.1_9.4.6-1770165-3.spk on putty?
  15. Is there a guide on install vmtools for DSM5?