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  1. Recently bought a SAS2 backplane for my 846 chassi. Just one question since im not that smart on backplanes. Will my drives somehow change id or simular that Will smash my raids due to the swap? Still gone be using the same m1015 (IT flashed) controller for passthrough to my storage VM. IV been told that if xpenology looks for device name im SOL, if UUID I should be all good?
  2. Already tried that, licenses just seem to get removed :/ Guess i'll have to wait till i get around to upgrading to 5.2
  3. Thanks - found the page and went to try it Didnt seem to work for some reason, edited the volumeUSB1 syslinux.cfg and did a reboot afterwards. Still the same MAC and S/N
  4. Thanks Neo But.. getting a valid serial/mac pair onto my xpenology.. that will most likely be a though one.. right?
  5. hi So, i bought two new licenses for my extra cameras. Trying to activate them in 7.2 but.. no luck. Just getting a "connection failed. please checking your network settings" Would it be wrong guessing that this is due to my serialnumber not matching that of my device model etc? any takes on that?
  6. So I have setup my 4 new ip-cameras. But now I need to get new licenses for the surveillance station. Has anyone got any pointers where to get cheap licenses - or is it not possible to get at all? Thanks, Mads
  7. pro tip - if you need to use the marvell controller firmware upgrade it - check FAQ on asrockrack website - and it will work... mine does with 10 discs connected to the motherboard
  8. what kind of issues did you exactly have with the ds380? - I have 6 discs in mine. 5x 2tb, and 1x8tb When I try and put load on my 5x2tb raid, it throws the discs and the raid fails .. When just using the 8tb alone, theres no issue.
  9. I have the c2550 board, and it crashes the raid all the time when stressing it with file transfers. Edit: This might be due to heat, trying to figure that out atm but just tried a freenas install aswell.. Note: This is the SilverstoneTek DS380 chassi.. seems to be utter crap when you actually fill it with even 5 discs for heat :/
  10. yeah.. I really wanted to be able to use the one disc ssd cache feature.. doesnt seem to be possible at 5.0 which kinda sucks
  11. Okay, so a Little update. Think im switching back to 5.0 .. It seems like every time I try and create my raid og 5x 2TB discs. At some point during the build process it'll dump the discs and the disc Group crashes.. Cant seem to find any log info or simular.
  12. perfect! - From the thread, I started disabling stuff in bios. When I changed to IDE in the disc settings it all seemed to work
  13. Totally dead - no response to ping or anything
  14. Im doing this via IPMI so no keyboard/mouse attatched physically. Thanks for the tip though