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  1. Hello, anybody knows if is possible to disable the onboard video for q1900dc-itx? Thanks in advanced and sorry for my english.
  2. I got WOL working by permanently editing the GRUB command line. After editing it looks like this: kernel /zImage ihd_num=0 netif_num=4 syno_hw_version=DS3612xs sn=xxxxxxxxxx mac1:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx vid=0x0EA0 pid=0x2168 loglevel=0 vga=0x305 rmmod=r8169 insmod=r8168 Some posts before... Thanks a lot, i try it but not works. I think is a problem with my router. Anyway i think is not a problem for me, i can live without WOL.
  3. Hello again, now i'm trying to enable the WOL. I follow this tutorial : But when i try to power on the system nothing happends. Any idea? Thanks in advanced and sorry for my english.
  4. Hello, in response to my previous question, WOL is not required for power schedule. Integrated power schedule is not working, but it's fine with the package "advanced power manager" Regards.
  5. I autoresponse. With the "advanced power manager" package i can schedule a poweroff/on perfectly. I don't know why the integrated function doesn't work, but now is not a problem.
  6. Hello, is necesary to enable WOL in order to schedule a poweroff/on in xpenology? thanks a lot and sorry for my english.
  7. Hello, i built a xpenology with a asrock q1900dc, and if i create a power schedule, when the poweroff time arrives, i can see a "system is going to shutdown" message. But after that, nothing happens, the system don't poweroff and i have to reset it with the power button. Do you know if is possible to schedule a poweroff/poweron? Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.