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Change synoboot.img (syslinux.cfg), how?


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Hey, i am working with esxi,

i want to modify the syslinux.cfg file inside the synoboot.img (new sn + mac) i have an original one, so i want to have quickconnect :)

but it seems i cant edit it with winiso or winiamage

so tried to mount it wth daemon tools no , succes, renamed to iso, then mount it no success

so how can we change the IMG file or the syslinux.cfg inside of it?


does it mather if the new sn/mac is from another model?




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ok, step further , seems its a grub.cfg file in 6.1 loader

i was able to change the cfg file with OSFmount,

my 6.1 is now starting up with new sn and new mac ,


this new mac and sn is from an real ds1512+ , so not ds3615xs

seems quickconnect still not working


cant i use the real sn / mac from another model (never registred to quickocnnect yet) ?4



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I'm testing june alfa 1.03a2 BL ( unfortunatelly by mistake I just brick my 12 TB syn on ESX ( update to DSM 6.2 on old boot loader).
I don't receive any IP so I need vip/pid /mac/serno ( only to recover data and i'll go back 1.02b).

Any clue please?
Or, better, if there are any advice about how can I recover my data(raid 5, 4  x hdd).

I want to mention that I dont ask for serial and stuff for accesing orignal services from Synology!

Thank you very much for all help!

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