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  1. Hey, just using 1 sata for the boot image, and another image for the disk, nothing special.... .SataPortMap": "2", "DiskIdxMap": "00"
  2. no, but that was indeed the trick
  3. guys, if i want to change the SN by the generator, i edit the user_config.json if i then boot up, its still te old one, what do i need todo more?
  4. Helo, i see here someone postng a script to create valid SN? does that work for quickconnect? where can i find it thnx
  5. does anyone still have that excel file?
  6. Ah, that's good So there must be somethng wrong with the 6.2.4 loader
  7. extension? where can i see that? i only see the console below?
  8. guys, is there something wrong with the 6.2.4 loader? I have an Hp Gen 8 , with esxi, the bootlader is on sata disk 0:0 , my extra hard disk is at sata disk 0:0 i have below configured : "SataPortMap": "2", "DiskIdxMap": "00" if i do this : sudo ./rploader.sh build bromolow-7.0.1-42218 i can perfect install a DSM 7 system, it works perfect had it running for a few days, during .pat upload the installed told me DSM is going to be installed on DISK 2 i do the exact same process, now with this command, a clean host in esxu sudo ./rploader.sh build bromolow-6.2.4-25556 i upload that specific pat file, again i get the message that it will install on disk 2 , it completes to 100% i do a reboot, but its back at the setup start again?? for a new .pat file upload? whats wrong? After this reboot, i'm back at point 1 what could be wrong?
  9. Who is using here an Hp Gen 8 microserver with esxi (trying 6.2.4) on sata controller 0:0 => attached the boot vmdk on sata controller 0:1 => attached the extra hard disk for DSM what should be me sataportmap and DiskIdxMap , i tried for sataportmap 1 or 2 , and diskmapid 00 , it installs the DSM fine, it completes back to 100% , but after reboot it comes back to DSM install, seems i think its always installing on the 0:0 disk?? also, if i do a change in the user json fle for the mappings, do i need run this command again? ./rploader.sh build bromolow-6.2.4-25556 thnx
  10. Guys, setting up 6.2.4 with this loader, configured sataportmap 2 running on esxi, first disk is the synoboot, second disk, is a new disk all is working fine, its booted, i can select the .pat file to upload, its installing, it completes to 100% i do a reboot, and its back in setup mode? the new hard disk is 16 GB in size, is it maybe to low? edit: also tried 50 GB as disk, didnt help either after reboot, it goes back to setup mode all going good here ....
  11. Thn for all support guys yesterday, 7 is now running on my esxi!!
  12. ok, got it,the script proposed me sataport 1 , but i changed to 2 , now it installs
  13. Hey, i'm a step further now, i gave it more cpu, and i also changed the MAC on the esxi , with the one from the file, now i can find it on the network, but when i upload the .pat file, i get this :s
  14. dont get it, did al the steps, when i reboot, i see below, looks fine normally but i cant ping it anymore, never comes online, find.synology.com isnt finding anything steps: ./rploader.sh serialgen DS3615xs now changed mac manually afterwards ./rploader.sh satamap now ./rploader.sh backup now ./rploader.sh build bromolow-7.0.1-42218 then i see below
  15. no, dont need USB indeed, its esxi gonna try again from scratch
  16. this command? ./rploader.sh satamap now yeah, i did, the usb not also this command for sn : ./rploader.sh serialgen DS3615xs now
  17. yeah, i changed it, did again this command : ./rploader.sh build bromolow-7.0.1-42218 reboot, but still not finding it
  18. ok, its booting up, but still cant find it on network, does the mac in esxi needs to be the same as in that json file? EDIT: gave it the same mac, did a rebuid, but still cant find it
  19. Thats it, 1 or 2 GB was to low, 4 GB is needed, thnx a lot!!
  20. ow, is that maybe it, think it was only 1 GB ram default
  21. Guys, was follwing the steps as descibed here : (have a hp Gen 8 ESXI) on last step : sudo ./rploader.sh build bromolow-7.0.1-42218 all looks fine, and then putty just closes?? is that normal? also when i do a file transfer of that pat file. its just impossible? look at the speed? is that a modified .pat file anyway? or can i just download it from synology website? also if i do a reboot, all files are gone, and find.synology.com isnt fidning any stations? what am i doing wrong?
  22. Guys, what does this mean? just attached the vmdk file to my esxi, but got error below? just for testing :
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