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Microserver N40L vs N54L


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Hi all,


You can congrat me as I've registered seconds ago and I think that this forum will be my home page )


I want to build a NAS as all of you guys have done already but I need some info.


As I can see here, HP Microserver is very popular for xpenology OS. I was searching this server around and there's basically two models, N40L and N54L. Can you someone tell me real difference between them and what's the performance difference? Is N54L much faster? Also, can I install this OS on a regular, old PC?



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thanks! :smile:


Well, i'm not sure what to do yet, build myself or just buy hp. How do you think?

Unless you already have all or most of the hardware to build it yourself, HP Microservers are the best value today, considering the quality and price, especially when its on sale. The only difference between N36L, N40L and N54L is the CPU clock. BIOS and other references applied to all of those models equialy. And yes, N54L is enough faster to justify the small price difference.

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Please remember about power consumption too.

N40L has 15w TDP and N54L has 25w TDP. (N40L + 2x2tb WD Green = 31w in hdd hibernation mode)

For 24/7 home use it can be important.

Just for NAS (w/o torrent, media transcoding and etc.) even N36L is enough (transfer speed is equal).

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There is 3 generation 7 Microservers






Depends if you need speed or low power


Maybe hunt some forums that have forsale sections.... People regularly sell off their Microservers on other forums I visit.


They can be had very cheapy if your not after NEW and want to save some dollars.


Even a N36L will be way faster than an original Synology NAS



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