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  1. Спасибо, Я сейчас какрас эту версию и качаю. Если Я смогу чем-то помочь - это будет для меня честь.
  2. Люди добрые Подскажите пожалуйста как лечить Surveillance Station, чтобы добавить еще камеры? У меня Synology на HP Microserver стоит. DSM: 5.0-4528 Update 1 Surveillance Station: 7.1-4155 Спасибо заранее!!!!
  3. another log: Jul 31 14:09:14 NAS synocodectool: utils.c:76 GetMd5String Failed. Jul 31 14:09:14 NAS synocodectool: G1Licence.cpp:134 Failed to get md5 string. Jul 31 14:09:14 NAS synocodectool: G1Licence.cpp:174 GetG1LicenceToken failed Jul 31 14:09:14 NAS synocodectool: SYNOCodecPatentG1.cpp:187 ValidateG1Licence failed. Jul 31 14:09:14 NAS synocodectool: utils.c:76 GetMd5String Failed. Jul 31 14:09:14 NAS synocodectool: SYNOCodecPatentG1.cpp:115 Failed to get md5 string. Jul 31 14:09:14 NAS synocodectool: SYNOCodecPatentG1.cpp:148 GetRequsetToken failed Jul 31 14:09:15 NAS synocodecto
  4. I found an error log in file /var/log/messages: synovideoindexd: video_screenshot.cpp:252 Fail to generate screenshot anybody have idea what it might be?
  5. Hi, Poeple, please help with this video station. I have DSM 5.0 4528 Update 1 version. When I'm uploading a video file in the /video folder it doesnt' generate thumbnail in its @eaDir directory! I have an official Synology station at work and it works perfectly, it puts thumbnail named SYNOVIDEO_VIDEO_SCREENSHOT.jpg, so if I will upload some video named example.mp4, it creates directory with same name in @eaDir and puts this file there: @eaDir/example.mp4/SYNOVIDEO_VIDEO_SCREENSHOT.jpg So I can't see this file on my 54L when I'm uploading videos as I said. If I'll manually put
  6. i'm able to connect to it from web browser, I just wonder why I cant log in from ssh/telnet with my previous pass during migration. Now I'm just copying important data from it's hdd to another to be sure. by the way, I recommend UFS Explorer to everyone!! It is able to read synology drive and its contents from windows. I tried EXT2 volume reader, DiskInternals Linux Reader, etc..... but no luck.
  7. Guys I'm upgrading DSM 4.3 to 5. I have content in /photo folder (photostation). Does migration process delete it's content? or just settings? I read this page and seems like it doesn't: http://forum.synology.com/wiki/index.ph ... gy_Systems I really really need your experience because I'm already stuck at starting point of migration process. By the way, how to login from shell during this process? My previous password not working at: DiskStation Login: thanks!
  8. Thanks, I have N54L and which version of bootloader I have to download, X86 or X64? Nano Boat DSM 5.0-4528 X64 would be ok?
  9. Hi, Guys is it possible to upgrade existing 4.3 installation to latest 5 version of dsm? How I know it's not possible from DSM itself, right? thanks
  10. Ppl, please help, I can't make photostation show thumbnails for any kind of video file, regardless of its extension or format. I've indexed photo folder both for photos and videos but no luck. Any ideas? thanks
  11. I've talked to StartSSL signer and he told me that they do not support JAVA code sign yet and there's no way to force it to trust the cert even if you manually insert it to the JAVA keystore. They are working with oracle to solve this but for now - it's very sad. Another thing is that in several other browsers, other than Chrome and Firefox, there is an option to trust the application once and it never bothers you. I don't understand why it is not implemented in Chrome and Firefox, you have to click CONTINUE everytime you login to the file station.