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  1. Finally all done. I was using the pat file for update 3 rather than the proper version 6.2.3-25426 which is around 273MB. Once with correct pat, no more error 13. It was plain sailing after that and DSM updated itself to update 3.
  2. ignore...I'm an idiot. For future ref to myself, pat file was wrong. I was trying with update 3 (small size 45MB) directly without 6.2.3-25426 (around 273MB). Trying to copy data from old HD. The speed currently is 50MB/sec over wired connection. Is is slow? 3 and half hrs for less than 2TB!!!
  3. am I the only one struggling with all this setups? I can install 6.2 and 23739 but still scratching head trying to install 6.2.3 update 3. I've gone through all the replies here but failing to understand the process. Anyone kindly pls post a complete idiot steps to upgrade? It's a clean install so don't need to worry about losing data. Thanks.
  4. Now showing error 13. Checked VID, PID , mac add and all are correct. close to giving up now. Edit: Success!!! Got it working with 6.2 -23739. Hardware: HP microserver Gen 8 G1610T, 4GB and Toshiba N300 TB
  5. same as above. Initially managed to find but after reboot nothing. Tried reinstall option and not finding anything. I'll now try to reflash the usb and try again. On initial page, is it install or manual install? I chose install and never got option for pat file. Edit: managed to get reinstall option using this method but now seeing failed to format disk using manual install. Deleting partition on HD as it's a new install.