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  1. Maybe yea... But i dont no how to install 6.2, i try but not working... No HDD found :))) 5.2 Work fine...
  2. Hi everyone great tutorial. Everything is work fine. here is my NAS MasterStudio I have very important question. How to login with DS file or DS photo? I cant login with, i want to use wiht mobile data or another wifi network. Now only work with direct ip with home network.
  3. Hi everyone I would like, to my "nas" to be available to everyone on the internet, not only on my private network. How can i make this happen? How can i connect an ip to a domain? Thanks! DS3615xs DSM 5.2-5644
  4. Hello everyone i have 2 HDD, but the DS3617 not found any HDD i use XPENOLOGY TOOL v1.4.2 and 1.03b loader for DS3617x. What is the problem? Thanks! The bios showing 2 HDD Processor : Intel Pentium E5400
  5. Hi everyone I want to install on my old pc synology, but i see this message I have 2 8 tb hdd, and the bios see 2 hdd, but the nas not. I use synoboot_3617d I have another question i want to install dsm 7 its possible? Thanks!