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Found 2 results

  1. If you have a dynamic IP, you will need to setup a DDNS to access your NAS from outside your local network. So to start thing off you will need to open an account with a DDNS service provider. There are plenty out there, some paid, some free. The two below are the ones that I use personally. They are free. If you find others then you should also be able to use those. Some of these providers might already be part of the list included by Synology in which case you can skip the 'Customize' button and simply use the 'Add' button and select your service provider from there. The configuration example I am giving below will be based on because it's the easiest I have seen out there but unfortunately it is not included in the DDNS service providers list included by Synology so you will need to use the 'Customize' button first. - - Once you have chosen your domain with you will need to configure DSM accordingly. So here is how to: In Control Panel go to External Access (1), then click on Customize (2). A new window should open. You need to fill in as per the image. To save you some time you can copy paste from the code tag provided below the image: When you are done click Save. The window should close. Now click on Add (3), see first image. A new window should open. Select *DuckDns from the service provider list and fill in your duckdns domain, username and token: Click on Test Connection to verify that it's working. If it is working you should see the word Normal in green next to Status. You can then click Ok. If it is not working then it means you screwed up somewhere. Recheck query URL, domain, username and token. All that is left to do is to configure port forwarding on your router. This is called at times "port forwarding" or "port mapping". You need to check with your router's user guide as sometimes the wording differs from one brand to the other. The port(s) you will be forwarding to your box also need to be opened on DSM's firewall else DSM will refuse access to the port/service requested. If your ISP implements double NAT you might have to do some additional configuration to your router to allow the ports to be forwarded correctly. Check with your ISP first and also check this site or this site on how to overcome double NAT. Google is your friend. Note of caution here: If you want to make things very safe you would only port forward VPN ports. This means that you can only access your box via VPN which in turn then gives you full access to the box (and to your local network if configured accordingly) once a VPN connection is established. You could also port forward the GUI ports (usually 5000/5001 or the ones you would have customised). This would give you full GUI access to DSM from outside of your network but this can be unsafe specially if you don't have a strong password and proper firewall and safety mechanisms configured in DSM. You could also just forward the port(s)/service(s) that you need. It really all depends what you are using your box for but in most cases the VPN solution is the safest although not the most convenient. NEVER EVER port forward port 22 unless you know exactly what you are doing. To test that your box is accessible from the outside world while being at home you could use your smart phone in data mode (not in wifi) at the following address: http://[yourdomain][port number] or https://[yourdomain][port number] - Do no put www
  2. Приветствую. Всё хорошо работало. Серийник и МАК генерил сам, привязал. Имею белый ип. Но вот перестало. При заходе на сайт показывается модель и серийник от сино. Светится зеленая точка возле доменного имени, но в поле ИП адреса прочерк. На самом сервере в разделе в разделе "внешний доступ" приписано имя, но "состояние" показывает что отключено. Попытка зайти в конфигурацию дднс и "включить функцию DDNS support" приводит к ошибке "ошибка подключения. повторите попытку позже". Конпка "тестовое подключение" тоже ни к чему не приводит. Еще вчера всё работало. Сервер перезагружал - не помогло. По ИП адресу, на прямую, за сервер заходит прекрасно. Как можно исправить это? Версия дсм DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 8, juns loader v1.01 (на сколько помню...) Или может можно как либо в сино акаунте на самому прописать ИП адрес?